As an AI language model, I don't have access to current trends or future predictions beyond my knowledge cutoff date. However, here are some wedding catering trends that were popular in India in recent years and may continue to be in demand in 2023:

  1. Regional and fusion cuisine: Couples are increasingly interested in showcasing their cultural heritage through food. Caterers are responding by offering traditional regional dishes as well as fusion cuisine that combines different flavors and ingredients.

  2. Interactive food stations: Food stations that allow guests to customize their meals or watch the preparation process have become a popular trend. Examples include live dosa and chaat counters, make-your-own pasta stations, and interactive dessert bars.

  3. Health-conscious options: With growing awareness of healthy eating habits, more couples are opting for vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free menu items. Additionally, using locally-sourced and organic ingredients has also become a priority.

  4. Creative presentation: Plating and presentation are just as important as the taste of the food. Caterers are offering visually appealing and unique ways of presenting dishes, such as serving appetizers on spoons or using edible flowers as garnish.

  5. Signature cocktails: Offering signature cocktails has become a popular way for couples to personalize their wedding day. Caterers are creating unique and colorful drinks that tie into the wedding theme or reflect the couple's tastes and preferences.