Wedding decor is all about adding some life to the ceremony and the whole affair. A perfect backdrop and a fine decoration set the mood right and spirits high to up the game altogether. Here is a round-up of a few smart and contemporary ideas and props that can work wonders for your wedding extravaganza and opulence. At the same time, these fresh and stunning decor themes are affordable enough to light up your cocktail parties, sangeet, mehndi or the D-day. Here we go:


Origami- Cool and Airy

From an easy and quirky invitation to an inverted dome, chandelier; origami has come a long way when it comes to adding charm and colour to wedding decor. The super-popular paper props are light on looks and budget. The easy-to-go decor subject just creates a great deal of sensitivity towards the environment too. Yes, you can steal a lot of ideas from the internet if you wish to go for this budget and eco-friendly trick. Plus, you have a reason to ditch the props and decor elements that costs you a bomb. You can use origami or paper props in different geometrical forms- centrepieces, artificial bouquets, paper streamers, cranes, lampshades, wall decal, light covers and more.

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Up your game with Umbrellas

For that perfection under the roof, the humble, vulnerable and the protective umbrellas are the way to go. Yes, the protective props can do a lot more than just what we think. Paint small ‘somethings’ on it, tie a few tassels to its edges, paste Rajasthani decoratives or just cover it completely with a decorated fabric; an umbrella is truly a rage in today’s modernized and stylized weddings. Adorned umbrellas just steal the show at your wedding, mehndi, sangeet, haldi or the D-day just beautifully and marvellously. From adding swank to your ceremonies or giving it an ethnic and traditional essence, the decorated umbrellas can just add an unusual touch to just any event. Well, little cute umbrellas as centrepieces are not bad either. Umbrellas can elevate the level of your decor in just every manner. What do you think?

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Bring It On With Bangles

Get artistic and just opt for clunky round bangles that not only give a glam look to your weddings but also speak a lot about Indian tradition and culture. These circular variants are seen as conventional and quirky elements to blend into your big fat day themes. Moreover, bangles are quirky, crafty and just ‘wow’ to give a picture-perfect wedding decor. The round and thin props are giving expensive and luxe flowers, lights and larger-than-life decors a run for their money. Hang it to the ceilings, make a wall of bangles, use it as overhead danglers or place them at seating arrangements; bangles are the stuff that can make all your pre-wedding events and special moments exciting and interesting. What’s more? Tie it to the trees or your photo-booths to inject an edgy, colourful yet desi feel.

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Lanters- Lazy and Laidback

You have all the reasons to use rustic and old-school lanterns as props and light up your wedding event. Lanterns have been shining since ages and now it’s time to use these as your wedding highlighters. Illuminated props come in various shapes and sizes can be placed at the pavements or pathways to the wedding venue garden. The decor of your wedding extravaganza can also be transformed by hanging the lanterns to the trees. Since lighting is a very crucial element of a wedding, you just can’t go wrong with vintage lamps and lanterns. The vibrant and varied lanterns are taking over the market when it comes to wedding decor. Choose the ones which work best in terms of style, feature and function to have that rustic and old-world feel.



Vehicles- So ‘Wow’ and Vintage

Strange and interesting that the larger-than-life-size vehicles are used as wedding props these days. Be it a cycle, scooty, car or a jeep; the automobiles are just taking the decor world by storm. These are in great demand to show off your style, panache and your personality at your opulent wedding. The car and scooty are just apt props to signify that life is a journey and you are all set to board your vehicle. So, don’t miss the bus and add an apt vehicle to your wedding venue depending upon your theme, budget and taste. Have your significant other to sit beside you or become her/his co-driver; the choice is yours. We bet the unique prop will bring out the best of decor, photographs and happy results.

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Dangling Dupattas

Another money-saving hack when it comes to decor is desi dupattas. Though a bit of yesteryear wedding celebrations has seen the usage of the dupattas on chairs and tables; this season it’s about full-fledged dupatta decor. The fancy and traditional fabrics in vibrant hues are good to go for outdoor mehndi, haldi and sangeet ceremonies. Doing your backdrop in bright fabrics will look exciting, smart and perfect. The long pieces of fabric in neon or eclectic colours put together can do a great deal in achieving the best decor for your D-day. Stages, big wedding halls, walls and ceilings can look striking in soft and bright fabrics.

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Mind-blowing Balloons

Move over flowers; it’s time to pump it up with bloated balloons these days. Eye-catching balloon decor can have your wedding look straight out of a fairytale. Be it for the daytime haldi, an evening mehndi ceremony or a gala sangeet night, balloons can just add a lot of fun, flair and glamour to your pre-wedding functions. Adding multi-coloured balloons to your wedding can be a cost-effective way to get the best out of your decor. Get it arranged at the entrance, create an arch, hang the balloons to the backdrop of the stage or keep the balloon bunch at the centre of each table; the myriad tricks will leave your guests impressed and you swelled with pride. Need we say more?

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These fancy, quirky and budget-friendly ideas are all you need this wedding season. These are fab, vibrant and totally unique when it comes to making some unique style statement. Just go for these and have your dream decor right there infront of you.