Not long ago weddings events and ceremonies were more about dressing up, being glam-on and sashaying as if it was a red carpet event. Well, there is an add-on to it now with a completely new level of interest and punk. That’s a night out or a night party for the brides/grooms with her/his college pals, school besties and close cousins.

Lounging around in pajamas is the latest entry in the wedding party scenario that gives both bride and the groom a chance to be comfortable in their skin, distress, shed all the inhibitions, anxiety and pre-wedding jitters that they have been experiencing. Anything like cocktail, popcorn, dance, music, dress code, light etc can add some extra fun and flare to the night and help the soon-to-wed couples unwind better. Here are some steal-worthy and completely fabulous ideas that can make your party time in comfy-lowers hipper and chic.


Pool Party-For Some More Splash

A pajama party relieves you from taking that pain of choosing a destination, venue or a hall to throw in the treat. Well, those who wish to can have their gala organized and arranged at the poolside. Rent it at a hotel if you are willing to shell out some extra bucks or look up to a personal one if it’s possible through any of your acquaintances.  A poolside pajama party can double the fun –factor, give you an all-inclusive kind of experience and pleasure. The last sail in the pool with your pals in the role of a bachelor or a bachelorette will be a great and non-traditional way of gathering and gossiping.

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Hic-Hic Hurray- No bars with the Bar

Going high and boozing your way to reminisce the childhood, college days and past with your buddies is the cheeky new trend in town. And if raising the toast to your friendship is done in a cool, comfy and carefree way, nothing like it. Live it up, go high and along with letting your hair down add some booze to your late night party while you are all set in your pajamas. Just a few shots and it will be a sure shot stress buster to ward off your wedding anxiety and apprehensions. The night with some limited drinks won’t harm you. We bet, each one of you have once thought of such a nightas part of your girlhood/boyhood fantasies? Isn’t it? So, you have all the reasons to club your pajama party with some cocktail and music and make it a fun-filled fete for yourself as well as your gang. Don’t forget to bring in some tipsy numbers from Bollywood.

Note:Those who don’t drink can just go for a shoot to make memories! Wink! Wink!

Rahul De Cunha Photography

Rahul De Cunha Photography


Make it a Combo-Snacks and Popcorn

Not having to decide on that evening attire means half the stress is already gone. Pajama party makes you dart inside the venuein a super careless and carefree manner. So, when the attitude and the environment areso cool and inviting, why not add popping popcorns to have some relaxed vibes. The delicious and relishing munchies in interesting tubs and customized bowls can make the snack quirkier.  Well, tasting, gossiping and munching your way to the perfect night sounds great. Isn’t it?

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Props and Accessories

Besides those possible ideas and wonderful poses, what makes for a picture-perfect party is the quirky prop. The apt props helps you get that Insta-worthy pictures in the bst possible way. The props like goggles, LED shoes and even your own smartphones work in favour of taking the party factor a notch higher. Food packets like lays, tea mugs and more too work as props to help you pose at your pajama party. Forgetting yourself and letting yourself loose with the offbeat props will help in adding to those mischievous moments.

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Groove it Out with Dance Numbers

Apart from the cool entry inpajamas, what can make the party peppier are the ravishing dance numbers from Bollywood or your favourite albums. Dance your heart out to up the level of excitement and thrill that comes along. The Dj and the dance combined with your pajama bash can give the usual ladies sangeet night a run for its money.Being unorganized, not managing yourself, not being careful about your makeup and hairdo brings a world of difference out there. What’s more? No one has to perform at length or have to practise in advance for a ravishing show. One just need to follow ‘no rules’, go reckless and dance like there’s no tomorrow and like there is nobody watching. Just get your list ready to save on some time!




Unique with Uniform

You don’t have to bother about any designer attire to shop for. Just make an attendance in your sleepwear and you are ready to go. But there is a fun thing that you can do while still being in your pajamas. How about adding some uniformity to your escapade? Go as crazy as you want to with afew suggested ones- polka dots, stripes, prints or asame colour family. The coordinated dress will not only keep the cool factor alive but will also be a big ‘shout out’ to your singledom. The bride and groom can have their appearance a different one to stand out from the squad. The catch is to have funky outfits to match your crew’s personality.

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When celebs can’t get enough of ‘pajama party’

Guess what? It is not just us that love the pre-wedding bash so much, but also the celebrities who adore it and cannot get enough of it. The comfy appeal and the power of pajamas have been smelt by our celebs as well. Few of our Bollywood divas are equally smitten by the bug of ‘pajamas’ and have thrown a party or have been a part of it for a guilt-free indulgence. Ditching their glam avatars and breaking the monotony for a night wear are actresses Bipasha Basu,Kamya Punjabi, Priyanka Chopra. Piggy Chops wanted her final ‘single’ moments to look all matched up while Kamya simply wanted to sport a stylish and edgy look with her girl squad.You too can have ‘head to toe’ match for the outfits as the talented actress Priyanka Chopra did for her party.

 Bipasha Basu

 Kamya Punjabi

 Priyanka Chopra

We hope that team groom and team bride is reading our tips on making their pajama party a night to remember. Apart from these factors, you can have tons of games, food and decor added to the bash as well. It’s definitely a great way to interact and be close to your friends before you walk down the aisle.