An opulent wedding stage is one of the most significant features when it comes to dressing up a wedding venue or a ceremonial location. Why not? After all, that’s the place where the bride and groom spend most of the time together waiting for their vows to happen.  So, turning it into a paradise and an intimate ceremonial space makes complete sense. The couples who have flair for the dramatic and want something really surprising can install a larger-than-life and theatrical stage with quirky, splendid and striking decor theme.

With constant change and upgraded ideas brimming up, the wedding stage deserves equal attention and makeover. And quite amazingly, we have thousands of ideas these days that can curate freshness, uniqueness and edginess to the sacred stage. You can centre it on a set theme, use a character, symbol or try your own props that can take your stage-making concept a notch higher. We round up a few that will spoil you for choices

The Antique Ambience

Incorporate plenty of old-school charm on your wedding stage with elements like lantern and lamps. The combination of rustic and old colours will set the right mood for the grand celebration, bridal portraits and the romantic feel for the much-in-love couple.  The antique stage decoration is surely a piece of creativity with less drama and intricate detailing.  The wedding lanterns have well been a significant part of a successful wedding stage decoration. They not only spread the fragrance of love and romance around but also cast a spell on the loving couple and the guests. Everything about this rustic decor is royal and majestic. 


              antique ambiennce 

              Darkroom decoration


Cage Creativity

As the name implies, birdcages are pretty hangings or cage shaped patterns made of flowers or paper cuts outs to create a rustic look. Birdcages are likely to be introduced when the couple is all set to get hooked. The vintage birdcages look amazing on wedding stages and are a real showstopper these days when it comes to the most quirky wedding trends. Also, if your wedding gala is about the best of creativity, birdcage theme stage decor fits the bill perfectly. Well, when there is so much natural beauty on the stage, people are bound to get floored down. The soft and subtle theme is increasingly finding favour with those looking to experiment.


              a bird cage decor


Cool It Down With Ice Castle

We have heard about icing on the cake, but when it’s icing on the wedding stage, nothing like it! The playful castle stage done in ice will not only make many heads turn but will also make for an epic wedding. The unique and out-of-the box idea for the stage will make your celebration stand out. The dreamy set up in colours of a wonderland will leave everyone dumbstruck. A beautiful snowy ambience will make a wonderland backdrop and stage straight out of a fairytale. You can highlight your stage decor further by adding fairy lights, strings of flowers and glowing candles. The grand ice castle stage will make memories to last a lifetime.


               cool it with ice castle decor


T-light Candles and Pillars

The glorious candles assembled at the backdrop of the stage makes the atmosphere dreamy and more refreshing. The bunch of candles in pillars, tiny succulents, glass vases or T-light holders will add a much needed dose of charm and charisma to your entire set-up. Throw a string of vibrant fairy lights and it would be like a cherry on the cake for your entire wedding decoration. The golden glow of the candles will make everything look oh-so picturesque. Large number of candles in small jars serves as extra elements of varieties for the decor and does all the magic here. You may have different varieties of candles in terms of size and colours.


              t light candles decor


Taste For Tassels

Your guests will find it difficult to take their eyes off this marriage stage decoration done in floral tassels. The touch of flower fringes, delicate latkans and strings made of flowers will surely go a long way in adding up to the tassel trend. Bohemian, casual and stylish; tassels are something that the fashion lovers are obsessed with. No wonder you need tassels in every size and design to breathe life onto your stage. The touch of majestic tassels will set your stage decor apart from the ordinary ones. You may ask your wedding planner to go for pompom, fabric, floral or mirror tassels; the choice is yours.


               floral tassels decor


Flower Chandelier And Canopy

The impact of huge floral canopies and royal chandeliers are mesmerizing and all-time classic. These are phenomenal decor elements that can create a serene setting and background for the soon-to-be-married couple. A decorative chandelier is just perfect to make a bold statement and give your stage a makeover. Another is a gigantic floral canopy made of dreamy roses, orchids and hyacinth that can offer serenity all around. An extensively decked up stage will be a charmer for the ‘dulha- dulhan’ and the guests. What say?


              flower chandelier

              chandlier dreamzkraft


Hanging Garden

The garden up there will truly be appealing and visually soothing for the visitors at your wedding. The lovely flora, blooming with vivacious flowers on the stage ceiling will add an edgy factor and make the entire decoration outshine the rest. You may add cutesy lamps, shades or bouquets to up the game. This fusion stage decor that incorporates the Indian as well as English culture, will engulf the couple completely in its impeccable appeal. The exotic and festive extravagance of the inverted garden will be a complete bliss for the bride and groom and the onlookers. Don’t you think, the hanging garden stage decoration will set some serious millennial standards?


              hanging garden decor


Dome Decor

A dome creation will be utterly unforgettable and add ‘chaar-chaand’ to the love-affair of the couple.  A large flower dome structure will be a surprising and innovative take on your wedding decor and will make the bride and groom feel as close to a fairytale. The colossal flower structure over-head will draw all eyes upwards and will take the stage decor concept way ahead. The dome chandelier will not only promise to take the couple on seventh heaven but will also be an added advantage for beautiful photography. Excellent lighting and flowers rich in colours will be an icing on the cake for upgrading the stage ambience.


              dome decor


Traditional And Religious Motifs

If it’s all about honouring the Mighty and the sacred rituals for your auspicious moments, the religious symbols are the way to go. Auspicious patterns in motifs of Ganesha, Om, Kalash are symbolic of Indian rituals, culture and traditions. Godly floral figures are not only a great way of styling your stage decor but also a great source of inspiration to mark your sacred vows, moments and rituals. A religious-themed floral decor can never fail to offer a picture-perfect grandeur to your ceremonial space. Besides, it also reflects your religious sentiments, devotion and belief in Almighty. You may use various pillars made of Kalash to reflect the sanctity of your wedding stage and environment. What’s more? The elders too will feel blessed and happy with the traditional theme chosen.


              traditional decor

               starzz design

              traditional decoration


Never-ending Trails

The high-end complete floral set up and the larger-than-life trail are actually what your dreams are made of. You and your significant other will love to step on to this flower heaven that’s making a high-impact. Well, with a cascading flow of flowers down the stage and to the stairs, you will be creating a paradise with perfection. The long trail design with multi-hued flowers, scintillating petals and green foliages will make the entire setting a surreal one. Believe us; adorning the stage this way will lend regal yet romantic vibes to the ceremonial surroundings.


               never ending trails


Amazing Arches and Rings

Amp it up with a floral-instilled arch and the wedding extravaganza will look like a dream come true. Half circle or an arch floral pattern makes the stage look minimal yet dramatic. The bride and the groom will find it hard to hold those overwhelming emotions and excitement as they are all set to walk down the aisle. Flowers like roses, jasmine, orchids, mogra garlands, terrariums, while baubles and more will be super soothing and calming to the senses and the surroundings.  One just can’t go wrong with a jaw-dropping floral arch on the stage. You may have a matching arch theme for your table centrepieces as well. So, if you wish to be a crowd puller, a blossom arrangement in the form of arch will be a picture-perfect idea.


                amazing arches



Outdoor Opulence

The canopy of flowers for your outdoor stage set-up will have you hooked. A majestic stage setting using a combination of flowers, flower wreaths, trails, sheets, vases, bouquets or chandeliers will look beyond excellence and will have you smitten. You may have golden accents, antique candle stands, fairy lights or desi diyas to add to the intimate and intricate details of the wedding stage and venue. Tiered floral chandeliers and foliage drapes for your outdoor set-up will make for a super cool Indian wedding decoration. Taking vows under the sky with a wide variety and symmetry of flowers around will be surreally charming for the bride and groom’s Big-Day. Just opt for the right floral hues to match to the brightness outdoors.


               outdoor opulence

               outdoor decor


Eco-friendly Environment

We have got this splendid stage decor covered for those who want it eco-friendly for their nuptials. The floral arrangement will not only look green and colourful but also awe-inspiring for the guests and onlookers. Incorporate the concept of minimal and greenery in the best possible way. This stage decoration below will inspire you to use minimal materials and fabrics which do not hurt Mother Nature. The decor looks suave, stylish and lends you a feeling of happiness. We are sure this superb eco-friendly stage decor idea will catch your fancy. Have a look to get inspired!


               eco friendly decor


Beachside Saga

A stage decor of your destination wedding on the beach will create a long-lasting impression on your guests. The sun, sand and easy-breezy atmosphere mixed up with elements like flowers, crystals, drapes, standees, mirrors and huge vases will together work towards building your dreams and giving the bride and groom an experience of a lifetime. The breathtaking mandap with colourful and fancy floral pillars and chandeliers will undoubtedly be a sight to behold. The beauty and the opulence of the beachside stage can’t be put into words.


              beachside decor


For The Fairy land Fun

Flutter off to a fairyland with this stage set up the beguiling charm of which is undeniable. This Avant-Garde stage setting is no less than a wonderland to remind you of the fairies like Alice and Snow White.  Walking down the aisle on the white-carpeted spread of fur and flowers will be a dream comes true. The minimal and magical details add a quirky and unique magnificence to the overall decor. You can add to the romantic aura of the bespoke stage by mixing your own colour, taste, floral arrangement and style.  Leaving little to our imagination, the class of this stage decoration is beyond words.


             fairy land decor

             deocration fairy land

             stage deor design


Aren’t these stage-cum-mandap settings in enchanting hues and designs simply to-die-for? The sheer beauty and royalty of these stage set-ups and decoration are so interesting, unbeatable and worth every penny. We can wonder how dreamy it would look when it becomes the reality.