Now that we are in the 'Unlock' phase and after getting Relaxations, we see a lot of couples planning a micro wedding at their homes only, keeping your loved ones health & safety on priority. Though the venues are slowly starting to roll, if you have already planned to host an intimate wedding at home, we're sure you must be in a dilemma as to 'how to decorate' it!

Forget your worries and start Focusing in other important things , because we have come with some super innovative, stylish and decent home wedding decor ideas for you to make your Dream Wedding come true with all the precautions.

Flower Decor to add beauty

There's something so timeless about flower Decor set up. You can use white flowers, or red roses or Marigold Flowers to create a stunning mandap or even use them for your centre pieces or for covering every wall.



Well we can also say Gone are the days where you would have only red or yellow flowers at weddings. It’s all about mixing it up to get something wonderful. Experiment with different flowers and colours. You can make a bright colourful Wedding Venue or even a centrepiece just like you Dreamt of or much beyond your expectations.



Bring the Best Out of Waste

Use your Creativity collect all the waste materials which are of no use together and use them for home decors like the old tyres, broken bottles, old boxes etc. Paint them, use them for your decors and this will add on to the beauty your home and will make your venue colourful and Bright.



Transform old Sarees or Old colourful cloth pieces to Cushions

Bring out all the old colourful clothes, your mom's old Sarees which are out of Fashion and use them to cover your Cushions to give them a Royal, Classy, colourful and beautiful look.



Make use of your childhood talent of making big Giant paper flowers to create a beautiful backdrop

Remember the days when we were experts in making Flowers with different colour papers and use to paste them everywhere. Yes do the same for the Wedding Decorations too.

In case you have have forgotten, simply switch on YouTube and become a pro at making Paper Flowers once again.



Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are so easy to make and the charm, class and beauty it adds to the venue is to some other level. So make those easy Colourful Paper Lanterns and decorate your Wedding Venue in a colourful and beautiful way.



Use Plant's for Green Natural Decor for Wedding

For home Wedding Decorations, plants are the most valuable assets that can be used to add on some real and natural look to the surroundings giving your venue a beautiful and pure look.



Create Self Curated Photo Frame

Make stylish and Creative Photo Frames with all the memories you have had till date.


So all the Brides or Grooms or Bridesmaid or Groomsman hope these few Ideas were helpful to you in planning or decorating your home for the Weddings.

Contact us in personal for getting some more ideas or for planning your Dream Wedding, always remember we are just a click away from you to execute and turn your dream Wedding into reality.