“Old is always gold” and indeed it is, the classic old wheels are always a to go option for the couples for their wedding ride. Be it a classic carriage or an old 67’ mustang or a 53’chevy its always in the popularity among todays luxuries BMW or Jaguar for a Wedding Carriage and Who wouldn’t want to be princes Diana and Charles or the highness William and Kate on their D-Day? Everyone wants to have that your “highness” fame for his or her D-Day. Couples often see themselves as Prince and Princess Charming on their wedding day thus making the world too see the same. Vintage elements have embarked its presence in the wedding celebrations to bring and add classiness to the lavish ceremony.

Everyone wants to have that your “highness” fame for his or her D-Day. The romantic journey of the “to be weds” starts from hopping on these classy vintage wheels. Also the luxury cars aren’t behind in this race for their great opulence.



Collection of cars could be a hobby of few but on an average it has become todays luxury need for a wedding and thus has created a big fuss in the wedding business industry. It has brought a great amount of revenue to all those collectors of such antiques. Finding such a car at an affordable price is not always hard but the price will depend on the availability of the said vintage, the season of the wedding, the condition and the model or make of that vintage too.

The restoration charges or the current in demand vehicle competitive rates are always to consider before renting it out for wedding or the photo-shoot purpose, its always said that less work required on a vehicle equates to a higher price and if more work required it means a cheaper initial cost but more in the longer run.



Luxury of the vintage cars as per the themes

Making a grand appearance on their wedding is always in the checklist of a couple. Those who want to have a memorable moment to look back in their wedding collection and want to add a classy element to their wedding can go for vintage elements. It is most apt for royal weddings, both western and Indian royal weddings. It could be a beach wedding or a traditional one; but a classy vintage entry will leave people in awe for you.

It is good to showcase the quirky individuality of the couple during the entrance.The old golden 70’s theme wedding or the retro themes can have vintage as a good prop for their wedding photo shoot and royalness as Vintage cars work best with these.



Which vintage to hop on for the grand entry

As per the rarity of the antique vehicles higher value is asked for. The most common vintage wheels demanded on hire would be Chevrolet Phaeton, Rolls Royce, England Morgan, Dodge Brother and Eagle,

Jaguar Sedans, Bentley, Mercedes, limousines, Buick, Ford V8, Ford B. It is very necessary to choose vintage as per your personality and style when you are choosing vintage on hire for wedding. For example, if it is a classy modern wedding, limousines suit better. Like what if it is a royal Indian wedding? Rolls Royce would be a great choice and if its classy modern wedding, limousines or Mercedes or Audi suits better.

To hire a vintage car could be bothersome on own for the couple as they wont be knowing who exactly has the vintage collection and if they rent it out for commercial purpose or not so for that an experienced wedding planner could play a part of a fairy god mother, you could get the best deal and the best model without any hassle. Paying a hefty price for vintage rental for weddings could make a makeable dent on the wedding budget so no need to panic and book early or get worried about the condition of the car Just tell us and Shaadiyari will get it for you.



Making a style statement through the vintage car entry

Desiring to relive those glorious moments of the wedding event is what the vintage wheel gives you to look upon in future.

A vintage car is a magnificent element addition to add in your wedding celebrations. It gives a Midas touch to the whole event making it more grandeur then expected. These days people goes gaga over the fact that they have booked all the antiques whether it’s a vintage jewelry, a royal palace or a vintage car for their wedding ensemble. It has created a buzz in the current wedding scenario to follow old is gold

Here’s what Shaadiyari thinks why does a couple want to make a classic entry on the vintage car:

Vintage means retro, which mean romance and professing this lovesick start off for the journey the couple, declare their love and commitment in front of all the loved ones.

Making the Event to worth remember for the grandeur of vintage cars is always the no one priority, vintage car entry add that unique touch thus making the whole wedding an elegant one.

Couples want to show that extra flair and charm to make it an unbeatable luxury event.

Indian wedding is all about showoff and what could be better than the entry of the bride and groom on a Rolls Royce or the Chevrolet Phaeton or any vintage car.

Couples want to make a style statement, whether its the groom who lands at the venue in67’ mustang or a 53’chevy, or the bride who wants to bid adieu to her family in a limousine, it’s all about how luxurious the wedding is and what standard it has set in the society for the class of the said family.

Time has never bound the beauty of these classic models they are beyond it, with such a great example of engineering and its rarity and the amount of efforts these take to restore and maintain, we truly value these treasure and want to embrace these classic beauties in the Indian wedding ceremonies. They evoke the hidden memories of the history they had captured.


How much it will give dent on your pocket

The wedding budget is all preset in the mind of the families what expenses need to be cut down what need to be set aside for uncertain expenses so in this all hiring a vintage car comes with its luxurious charge as well. Depending upon the model of the vintage and the dates and how much time for it is going to be booked, the hire charges will be asked for. Ranging from INR 10,000 to 1,00,000 or more it may be asked to the clients for their D Day. But in all its glory every penny is worth when the people are left in awe while looking at the bride or groom making their entry on the elegant Vintage car.


There is some of our Shaadiyari vendor’s collection for vintage and luxury cars on rent ranging from Rolls Royce 1943 to Red Hot England Morgan and convertible A3 Audi to the elegant Jaguar and BMW.