The beauty of India is its secularism, so many diversities, cultures and religions forming one united nation...

Weddings in India

Weddings in India are believed to be one of the biggest occasions celebrated with enthusiasm, decorations, music, rituals, religions and according to the personal preferences. Almost 10 million weddings per year are celebrated in India. Unique, distinct cultures of different religions and communities in India make Indian weddings different in so many ways. Yet so many things majorly are common in them like henna (mehendi) on bride's hands, love, happiness, celebration and togetherness. Since the ancient times, Indian weddings are considered to be multi-day functions involving so many ceremonies and rituals.

Weddings are divided into 3 stages- Pre wedding, Main wedding and Post wedding.

Pre wedding is the concept which usually takes place 6-7 months before main wedding day, where both the families and couple meet each other and know each other and ceremonies like engagement or date fixing of marriage takes place, finalization of wedding location, etc.

The main wedding is the concept of multiple days and consist of preparation of weddings, performing different rituals like Sangeet, Bachelorette party, and the main wedding. These wedding rituals differ from religion to religion.

Post Wedding- it is the time where wedding finally gets over and bride goes to the groom's house. This period also includes honeymoon period where the newly wedded couple goes out for a vacation to spend some quality time with each other.

Different Marriage Cultures in India

Hinduism Marriage Culture-

The wedding festival of Hinduism culture is known as VIVAH. It is a ceremony of multiple days and rituals. Today rituals and wedding of Hinduism culture differs based on regions in India, adaptations, values, resources and perceptions of the couple. Still, there are some rituals common in Hinduism culture they are- Kanyadaan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi, respectively in these rituals father offers his daughter, hold her hand, take her near the fire and give her hand in the groom's hand for the ritual of Saat Phere, in this ritual the couple moves around the fire and takes 7 steps which includes set of mutual promises, after the seventh step the couple is legally treated as Husband and Wife.

Jain's and Buddhists in India also shares almost the same rituals and themes, but are focused on their religion philosophies and mantras.


Sikhism Marriage Culture-

Sikhs follow the wedding ritual given by their leader Guru Amar Das known as Anand Karaj. In this ritual, couple walks around their holy book Guru Granth Sahib 4 times.


Islamic Wedding Culture

Indian Muslim's celebrate Islamic Traditional Wedding practiced in Middle East countries. Islamic Rituals consist of Nikah, payment of financial dower by the groom to the bride, signing of a legal marriage contract by the couple and finally a reception.


Christian's Wedding Culture

Indian Christian's for their weddings follow customs and rituals practiced in the Christian countries. In Christian's Wedding the bride and groom face each other, say their vows, hold hands of each other and openly commit everything in front of everyone about their relationship. And then  are finally considered to be legally husband and wife.