There are breathtaking places in India for hosting a wedding. But the Princely State of Rajasthan is a symbol of flamboyance and warmth that captures the heart of every young couple and even celebs for that matter. Incredible history, heritage, grandeur, food and colour; all under one roof, makes the ‘the land of royals’ a captivating location for grand and extravagant weddings. Rajasthan has a hypnotizing effect and has become a drool-worthy destination for marriages and events.

Let’s meet India’s most coveted destination where people love to experience the treat of a grand and royal Rajasthani wedding. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the state is not just a destination but a Mecca for those who wish to plan an imperial wedding in India. It is a destination-wedding hot spot where the couple set and plan their grand and dream wedding goals. Let’s round up a few facets and features that are awe-inspiring.

The Everlasting Royalty

History, cultural beauty, modern comfort, the affluent carpets, hand-painted walls, exquisite mirror, wood-work, stone-paved path and a lot more at Rajasthan gives a surrealistic feel to the guests and families. Rajasthan is steeped in history, rustic charm, fantasies and inspiration. A magnificent wedding in Rajasthan takes each and every person to the era of kings and queens. The historical tales of kings and queens are inspiring enough for people to host their special day on the Land of Kings (As Rajasthan is called).


The state which was home to emperors makes the bride and groom feel ‘queen and king’ in real. Rajasthan is as regal as it gets and finds more and more takers every season due to its heritage, culture and history. It’s a Bollywood-like extravaganza and the set-up is completely like you watch in movies. Infact there are thousands of things and elements that blend together to create a festive food for the wedding.  So, if you are attending a destination wedding in Rajasthan, it’s certainly a big fat desi wedding’.

everlasting royalty

everlasting royalty



The Welcome: Padharo Mhare Desh

Guests are in for a magical and mesmerizing treat and experience at a wedding in a desert land. The ultimate cultural immersion makes guests happier in every sense. Apart from the rituals soaked in Indian traditions like haldi, sangeet,mehndi, guests can enjoy added activities and adventures like camel, elephant riding, puppet show, non-stop music, folk songs and impromptu dance performances. So, it’s not just another ritualistic wedding for them. It’s an amalgamation of fun, festive mode and fresh perspective out there. The location becomes a very important part of their wedding journey to take home memories and reminiscences.



Celebrity Factor

Rajasthan wedding is something that a world comes to experience and delight in. It’s not only Bollywood and television celebs, entrepreneurs and affluent personalities who consider Rajasthan for its medieval and rustic charm but celebs and elite from every nook and corner of the world finds Rajasthan as a terrific option for a wedding. A few celeb couples who exchanged vows in a grand wedding at Rajasthan are Priyanka Chopra- Nick Jonas (Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace), Raveena Tandon-Anil Thadani (Udaipur, Shiv Niwas Palace), Katy Perry-Russell Brand (Aman-i-Khas resort, near Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary, Rajasthan), Elizabeth Hurley-Arun Nayar (Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace) and Neil Nitin Mukesh-Rukmini Sahay (Radisson Blu Palace Resort & spa, on shores of Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur).

Well, it makes us proud to see that tradition and Indian culture is an integral part of weddings in Rajasthan and still untouched by any western influence. Infact the celebrities from different parts of the world find it an honour to solemnize their wedding in Rajasthan.



Larger-than-life Wedding Venues

Lush Mughal gardens, royal feel, traditional significance and other interesting things are what wedding venues at Rajasthan offer you. Infact it’s all colourful, rich, royal and opulent in Rajasthan as far as your eyes can see. But apart from the natural landscapes and beauty, there are a few majestic and spellbinding forts and palaces with the architectural marvel that makes Rajasthan stand tall with pride. Shahpura Haveli (Jaipur), Rambagh Palace (Jaipur), Amet Haveli (Udaipur), Jai Mahal Palace, Kuchaman Haveli (Jodhpur) and Samode Palace are few to be named for outdoor wedding venues.


Decorated elephants, camels, traditional Rajasthani cuisine, royal and splendid backdrop are what these destinations include in their package. Hotels with old-fort concepts contribute a lot for an unforgettable wedding in Rajasthan. Superior, excellent and state-of-the-art services make the palaces popular to tie the knots with your loved ones. However, there are top resorts, hotels, lawns and banquets too apart from the high-rise palaces to suit all kinds of budget.



Budget Wedding Venues 

Majorly it’s a high budgeted event at Rajsthan but there are destinations in bundle to host your weddings without having a nightmare about the costs. Remote forts or palace weddings might not seem to be a logistic option to many for the cost but we say, there are still a lot that are budget-friendly. Here are a few we suggest that doesnot have sky-rocketing prices.

  • Fatehgarh, Udaipur- The ‘Rajwada style’ venue in Udaipur oozes royal charm and magnificence.  Boasting 48 rooms and 3 outdoor marriage lawns to accommodate around 250 guests, the cost of the rooms in the palace is around Rs 11000 in the peak season from October to March. The price comes down during the rest of the months.
  • Pride Amber Vilas Resort, Jaipur: The Vilas at Jaipur will make your dream come true under the budget. The resort can hold around 2500-3000 guests in total with finest of decor, cuisines, arrangements and services, all under a reasonable budget. Per plate cost for vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian meal is around Rs 850-1450.



  • Hotel Rajputana, Jodhpur- The hotel holds 1 indoor and 1 outdoor space and can accommodate around 500 to 600 guests in total. So, if you are planning a wedding for around 500 people, the place is an excellent multi-cuisine option. Pricing for the veg and non-veg plates fall between Rs600-1000.



Well, list of banquets, marriage halls, resorts and even villas with low rentals in Rajasthan are endless. However, with these splendid options, you can host not only your grand weddings but pre and post-wedding functions as well.



The Decor that Dazzles and Spellbinds

The kind of decor inspiration Rajasthan offers anyways refuses to fade away over the period of times. The magic and ambience the Rajasthani decor creates are unbeatable and matchless. Most of us are fascinated by western and Victorian themes for our Big-day but an Indian Rajasthani decor can bring a lot of zing and flair to the event.




Though everything about Rajasthan is magnificent and opulent, it’s the decor display that takes it all up a notch higher and brings festive vibes. The decor in Rajasthan stands out with horse, camel, elephants, fireworks and swords which are symbolic to valour and heroism. The Rajasthan-wedding decor is shaahi that exhibit rich history and ethnicity. It’s a grand affair like it used to be during the days of kings and their empire. The splendid decor creates memories of a lifetime for the bride, groom and the guests. Lavish colours like red, orange, yellow and pink speak volume about Rajasthan’s culture, spirituality, religion and rituals. Besides these tassels, funky cushions, umbrellas fairy lights, flowers and bangles are used for theme-based and rustic decoration.




The Rituals

The pre-wedding rituals at the desert state are truly-one-of-a-kind. Each and every ceremony stands out to be more colourful and magnificent than the other. Be it a tilak ceremony, haldi, mehndi or sangeet; each and every event is like a performance time where friends and family sing, laugh and share jokes and banters with each other.

Every little detail about these ceremonies comes with perfect ethnic touch and becomes your favourite. Soaked in Rajasthani style and flavour, the fun-wedding rituals are a representation of royalty and affluence.  Rajasthan becomes your cup of tea if you want your haldi, sangeet, bhaat, mehndi to be out-of-the-box and a vision to behold. Oh-so-vibrant, spirited, colourful and full of vivid emotions, the rituals at the wedding will blow your mind.



Romantic Cities

There are enchanting cities in Rajasthan that inspire love, marriages, a massive following, tourism and what not. A few to be named that has a stellar history and that people love to flock to are Jaipur (Pink City), Udaipur (City of Lakes), Jodhpur (Sun City), Jaisalmer (Golden City), Bharatpur, Pushkar, Bundi. These cities are romantic, fun-packed, heart-throbbing and real essence of Rajasthan transporting you the land of Rajputs.

No wonder people love to get wed here that guarantees an unforgettable evening, many exciting activities, great venue options, romantic ambience and bespoke services.



The Rajsthani Rasoi

It reflects that Rajgharanas are famous for their lavish expenditures and lavish taste. Everything about a wedding in Rajasthan is larger than life and so is their wedding menu. A big Rajasthani thaali contributes to a grand wedding feast. Rajasthanis prefer a grand and royal touch for their delectable as well and that calls for a fully loaded menu to treat the guests with. Sweet dish, gatte (a vegetable), daal baati churma are the traditional savoury on the land of Rajasthan. There is a lot of warmth and love too that comes along with Rajasthani wedding cuisine. Exquisite taste, creativity, balance and the blend are what create culinary wonders in a wedding menu at Rajasthan. The intense flavour, artistry and aroma of Rajasthani food are what everyone craves for. Believe us, the food itself is a recreation at Rajasthan and make the guests eagerly engage in relishing the food. Flavourful food is deep-rooted in their culture as any other facet. The rich rasoi has an epitome of delicacies.



All Kinds of Wedding

When in Rajasthan, do as the Rajasthanis do? No, you can chill if you are upto hosting a one. You are free to plan all kinds of wedding at Rajasthan royal palaces, hotels and venues. Palatial, luxurious, beach themed, and Christian style to religious one; there are attendants, skilled team, experts and arrangements to make sure the wedding theme is completely yours, organizing every facet of it in a perfect manner. You can plan your big day in Rajasthan and transform your fantasies into a wedding.


Call it a profound wedding destination, an erstwhile royal home, a mirror to an Indian culture or a Rajputana-culture gully; Rajasthan stands like an epitome of true love to unite the couple into an eternal bond. With Rajasthan as your backdrop, your dreams and fantasies turn into a reality.