It’s not only a bride’s job to look beautiful for her wedding but is also equally important for a groom to look attractive. Men are always in a hurry when it comes to their personal care. They always struggle with timing issues. 

In order to do all preparation perfectly, YOU guys often forget to focus on enhancing your physical appearance. But don’t forget you have to be in the spotlight too. Here are a few tips to save your time and help you look best on your special day.



Imagine it’s your wedding day and your belly fat pops out from your sherwani. Eeewww! How embarrassing the situation could be? Grooming doesn’t only means you have to care about your face only but it also means that you need to focus on every detail of your body parts. Exercising daily will not only bring fitness to your body but will also energize you and refresh your mind.

Your wedding is not a common day but it’s the most important day of your life. So, you have to start preparing from today to gain that perfect body which fit into your sherwani. Stay fit, stay healthy.



Following the right skincare routine is one of the most necessary things to be done before your wedding starts. Spend your money in some good skin care products and start pampering your skin. Wash off your face regularly to minimize the chances of pimples, skin breakouts, dry and dull skin. Prepare your skin by regular cleansing, facials, D-tanning, etc to have even skin tone.

If you do not have much time to visit salons for hours, then you can simply opt for natural ingredients like honey, lemon, curd, etc, which will work even better for your skin.



Men do have hard skin because they spend most of their time outside, under Sun’s harmful UV rays and are regular in contact with dust, pollution. Due to which their skin breaks out more and lack of proper care makes their skin tough. It’s very important for you to look after your skin before your wedding day arrives.

Exfoliating your skin will remove your dead skin cells from your face. It will lock all the moisture and also removes blackhead, whiteheads, and peeling of skin. Skin exfoliation helps in nourishing your dead skin and making it new and youthful again. Scrubbing your skin regularly will also brighten up your dull face. It will also remove tan from your face.



Taking care of your face is not enough, you have to go extra miles to give equal competition to your bride. Care for your hands and feet is also very essential. Have you ever thought about how many of your friends and relatives will come to hug and handshake with you? What impression they will get when they see your uneven jagged nails and ragged cuticles? Can’t let that happen. Wedding is the day when your every detail is noticed keenly. Ignoring it is just non-negotiable.

 Going for manicure and pedicure will give a nice change in your hands and legs dull appearance. It will relax your feet and exfoliate the dead skin of your hands and feet. Protects them from fungal infection and makes them look even and clean.


5.       FACIAL

Wedding day is arriving and didn’t think of getting a facial. Go for it now and then you will see the difference. The facial is the most important step for you. It will remove all the dead skin, provide you an instant glow and even skin tone. It will remove tanning from your face and neck. And also close down your pores which will lower down the chances of blackheads, pimple, etc.



Remember! your face represents the whole outlook of your overall personality. You can’t let your messed up facial hairs to create a whole blunder on your D-day. Your uneven nose hairs will seek more attention than anything else. It can make you embarrass among your friends, relatives and even in front of your wife.

So, it’s very important for you to trim your facial hairs properly and fix your nose hairs and stop them popping out from your nose and irritate you. Get the best trimmer and deal with your uneven facial hairs to gain that perfect Gentleman look.



Nothing else can give your face a classy look more than a professional shave. Visit a salon and get your beard done. You will surely feel the difference in yourself. A professional shave not only evens out your beard but it also defines your face in a better way according to your facial structure.



Upgrade your haircut for a more stylish look. Nothing will enhance your overall appearance more than a cool and stylish haircut can do. Visit the best salon, try something new that matches your wedding outfit before a few weeks before your wedding. Give yourself some time to analyze and test your new look. If you like the change, go for it just before your wedding day.

Never experiment something new just before your wedding day. It can seriously destroy your whole look if it doesn’t go perfect with your outfit. Try and test it first, then go for it. It will give you the best impression on your wedding day.



In order to achieve that pearly white smile, you have to go a bit extra miles for your special day. You can’t even guess how many times you have to smile on your wedding day. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper oral care and hygiene. The whiter your teeth will be, the more vibrant your smile will look.

Start taking care of your teeth, visit a dentist and start some teeth whitening treatment. Go for some dentist approved toothpaste which will also help to overcome the problem of bad breath. Keep a check on your teeth regularly to achieve that bright smile in your wedding photographs.



Planning a wedding is not easy, with lots of happiness and excitements it also brings stress to the mind and body. In order to relax your mind and body, go for a massage. It will relax and energize you by making you feel more refreshing.

It’s one of the most essential tasks in your wedding prep. It will melt down your stress and tension completely. You can simply book some appointments for massage and spa that will refresh you. It will also soothe and calm down your mind. Do a favor to yourself and get it done.