Grooms out there! Come out of the shell and show how extrovert you are when it comes to making some noise with an expert fashion sense. We have always been talking about brides and ladies in terms of making a style statement with the wedding wardrobe, accessories and attitude.

Well, this wedding season it’s all going to be different as we introduce to you the most stylish and off-the-runway trends than can make men stand out from the crowd and be beside their better halves with equal elan and attitude. Take a pampering break and gear up for these Badshahi tips and up your style quotient.  After all, why should brides have all the fun?


Tuxedos or the Three-piece- As Fashionable as They Are Functional

Mayur Mayur kya hit..kya the first thing that crosses our mind as soon as we think about a three-piece suit or a tuxedo. The style and panache with which the Badshah of Bollywood pulled it up still makes us crazy about this inspiring and evergreen fashion. Men take note of this wardrobe for your wedding which is a staple since ages but are still going mainstream. A well-tailored suit or tux with a crisp shirt underneath will work the best for your big day look. Be it a cocktail party or any other formal occasion, an elegant and classy suit can never fail you. Well, suits are all about the right combination and perfect fit. Show off your physique and taste well with the right patterns and cuts. Plaids, cheques and stripes can add much character and exclusive feel.





Angrakha and Manarkali- Add that ‘wow’ factor

Shed your inhibitions and be the dashing and dude dulha with manarkalis (anarkalis for men) and flared angrakhas. The frills, flows and the skirts which were associated with ladies have now become a popular drape for our grooms-to-be. Manarkali, skirts and kali kurtas with flowing silhouette is not only new on fashion radar but is also breaking gender stereotypes. The chic collection in peppy patterns and floral prints has once been proudly flaunted by our kings and royals. Those who doubt about the trend and feel bizarre, have some clues from our millennial star Ranveer Singh who donned one from Sabyasachi like a pro for his mehendi ceremony. Well, the style is hit with leaner men who can try flared angrakhas, tunics or manarkalis with overlay jacket, churidaar and accessories to add. Grab and be all game for this trend!





Achkan- As awe-inspiring as it can be!

Floor your ladies right away with a regal and a traditional mainstay named achkans. More than just an outfit, an ethnic and royal achkan is a collective of art, craft, architecture and design. The greatness of the wedding wardrobe lies in staying true to your roots and embracing your culture. A masterpiece with a dose of embellishment and embroidery oozes royalty and are  hit this wedding season. Go for statement-making achkans in contrasting palettes, colourful patterns and best designs and cuts. Make sure it is created with the right fabric so that you are not weighed down during the rituals. Bring an element of fusion by keeping the buttons open and wearing a matching kurta underneath. Brocade, silk and velvet can always enhance the appeal of men’s wedding wear.







Sherwani and Bandhgalas- Impresive ensembles

Stay in the safe zone with traditional sherwanis and bandhgalas. However you can experiment with the new and leading styles, fresh colours bold prints, fancy embroideries and give the classic stuff some innovative twist and turn. Bandhgalas too are on the verge of dynamic revolution with over-the-top styling elements. Make a huge impact with timeless, powerful and impressive ensembles popularly called as ‘Prince Suit’. The embodiment of Indian fashion for men, these classic outfits in traditional colours, heavy texturing and rich fabrics are always the best and have their own charm for the D-day. Elegant thread-work, comfortable fabric and sober shades are the attributes that the fashion conscious grooms can look out for. Just walk your way to woo your dulhaniya and be the cynosure of all the eyes.







Pocket squares- For the right punch and panache

Among all detailing and designing innovations, pocket-square is the easiest and nonchalant. A pocket-square could be a small ascent but its forever and surely makes a big impact to make your attire appealing, classic and artsy. The petite pocket squares are eye-catching, breaks the monotony and adds a fusion factor to your ethnic outfits, formal wardrobe or Indo-western attires. A right pocket square adds contrast and colour to your overall outfit and can make or break your look. The fashion accessory can be fun, quirky, sophisticated, suave, and traditional at the same time. You just need to get the right tiny accessory which can be an extension of your personality. Opt for silky, shimmery, linen or velvet pocket squares and take the fun factor a notch higher. Or wear two different textures at a go to make it funkier.

pocket squres1



Hairdo- Add class and power

Yes, you have got all the details and elements right when it comes to covering your journey from ‘boy to a man’. But did you give a thought about your hairdo? A polished, suave or a funky hairstyle is a significant aspect when it comes to getting your D-day look just complete. Infact a wrong hairdo can prove to be a disaster. Like women, you too can style your locks in multiple ways. Compliment your overall look with a suave and tidy short hairstyle which is effortless as well as stylish. Men with silky hair may opt for fringes for that funk factor. The key to curly hair is totally different and those with long locks can go way ahead in styling it up. And if comfort and style is your USP, take note of the grungy and messy look. Just-out-of-bed locks are also doing the rounds for men to add some appeal to their D-day look. Side-shaven look is a big hit with men these days. Just don’t miss this pre-wedding activity and make it a part of your package.







Dhoti- Daring drapes

Guys! Take a break from boring and monotonous trousers or pants as dhotis are i  to do the talkibg. Carry the old-school style with swag for your wedding rituals and events and immerse your sense in some fun and panache. The ethnic and free-flowing fashion wear have seen quite a shift in terms of sensibilities and style. Many of the Bollywood actors have dialled down the dhotis and have evolved it into a trend. The men in vogue are experimenting with this conservative lower matching it with right kurta. Dhotis are having a moment in Indian men’s fashion for weddings and events. What is seeing a big rise is the way grooms are carrying this humble attire.  Be it pant style, skirt style or the lungi style; the innovations have become a solid hit. Just grab its style, ease and power for your festivities, functions and rituals.










Beard it right!

The dense beard is the latest style that a wedding season calls for. Cricketer, Bollywood star or the boy next door; the beard is traced to be there everywhere. No doubt, the bearded look is back with a bang and the mind-boggling varieties looks dashing and dynamic.The unshaven look is suddenly the global phenomenon today with a sign of power and masculinity. A rightly done beard, say ‘salt and pepper’ beard, or a one-day stubble can add lot of flare and drama to your achkans, sherwanis or tuxedos. Sporting a thick and dense beard signifies authority and class. Grooms-to-be can proudly flaunt that immaculately trimmed or thick beard to give an impression of Mr Right at the weddings. Few men are also warming up to the idea of dyed beard. Which bride would not like to walk down the aisle with the intelligent and matured Prince?






 Jackets-  Jazzy bits

The ethnic or formal jackets with cool and relaxed vibes take Indian men and grooms ahead in fashion department. Smart, stylish and sharp, the jackets are interesting picks to enrich your wedding wardrobe. An extra layer over your ensemble offers you a signature style and integrity like none other. Nehru jacket, jodhpuri jacket or long coats over your ethnic attires will transform you into a desi groom. Slip into some absolutely stunning jackets that fit well into the Indo-western concept and offers ultimate comfort at teh same time. Go for the modernized and modified versions of jacket to elevate and enhance your style. Long and trendy ethnic coats, mirror work jackets, a nawabi number or a dreamy waistcoat are true head turners. 







Colour-coded- A match made in heaven

Going matchy matchy with the bride is the new trend that goes way ahead in making a cool and peppy appearance at the wedding. When you stand united to say the vows it should all be in order and synchronized with your darling. Isn’t it? So chose the right dress and colour code to match your bride’s and show the world your matching chemistry. The slew of colours and similar style will look stunning, eye-catching and a mood-setter at the extravaganza. Besides, being same to same, the chic idea will surely make some news too. Coordinate the outfit theme, colour, style or the contrast versions with your bride and exude that princely charm as you tie the nuptials.

colour coded


colour coded2


colour coded34

colour coded5

colour coded67



Scarves and Stoles- The long and short of it!

Believe us, the dupatta and stoles give you stylish grooms an opportunity to get dressed up like a King or Badshah and are fundamental to being stylish and reflecting their royal personality. If you are smitten by ethnicity and your culture, the duppattas can make it majestic as well as magical. The perfect piece of ensemble is a go-to and a great addition for that classic and traditional touch. The dupattas in contrast colours, royal fabrics and heavy borders can offer you an updated and splendid look for your wedding. They are known for their exclusiveness, innovative motifs, stylish patterns and richness. The long and surreal stoles can up your fashion game on your big day and can make your attire look dreamy and ethereal at the same time. It is also important to select the right designs that should match your outfit. Go for rich and shiny pieces for your ethnic ensembles to look ‘hatke’ and divine.

groom qwear1





Footwear- Put your best foot forward

Be it a casually cool outfit, a traditional kurta pyjama or an uptight formal dressing, a right footwear offers a fashion-forward attitude. A smart and matching pair of shoes can make the groom feel like million bucks. Just put as much thought into the footwear as you do on wedding ensembles and accessories. The correct footwear can also help you achieve a pulled-together-yet-relaxed look on your big day. Keep it all coordinated yet comfortable with regal footwear. Formal shoes, juttis, mojaris or any other well-defined variant can bring out the dapper in you. Just walk your way to say ‘I do’ with a right and stylish fit. Don’t be shy about mixing and matching to build a perfect and unique combination. The perfect cuts, high-style and curves will give you a sharp style at your formal occasions and evening rituals.







Accessories- Amaze with the awesome numbers!

The irresistible accessories are an ideal route to enhance the appeal of your splendid wedding outfits. And there are accessories and jewels that play a crucial role in completing your majestic and royal look like tie, clips, cufflinks, sehra, wristwatch, neckpieces and more. The miniature details are like gems to take up your fashion quotient a notch higher. Mix and match them with your fancy evening ensemble or a heavy wedding outfit .The right headdress, kalgi  , solitaire rings and bracelets too can make it all look dreamy, stately and opulent. Just don’t forget the swag of the sunglasses that will garner plenty of attention.











\We couldn't think of a better way to spice up the wedding season for the grooms. Just go for the wardrobe filled with vibrant, energetic and trendy pieces. Whether you pick a stylish tux, embroidered sherwani, or a tempting safa, bold and bright picks are a perfect way to inspire your D-day looks with some nonchalant style and lots of panache.