The wedding season is already upon us and the blissful time for the lovebirds and engaged couples have begun. There will be fun, flare and the pre-wedding rituals that are significant to an Indian wedding. It’s time we need to know and understand those various ceremonies that are like heart and soul to the extravaganza. One such ceremony of great importance that needs to be mentioned and honoured is ‘haldi ceremony’.Turmeric is as such known for its anti-inflammatory properties and healing powers but it holds a special place of honour at Hindu wedding.So, the urge is to see the humble haldiin a greater light and why it stands out amongst all the festive ceremonies.

When it comes to Indian wedding traditions, turmeric turns into an amazing ingredient and takes the fun factor a notch higher as much as that it books the whole ceremony under its name. Let’s see why the haldi marvels out and what unique it does to the extravaganza become a title in itself. We throw some light on the beautiful and shining ceremony.


The Key Ingredients

The sticky paste of the haldi that is prepared is called by different names at different regions. Ubtan, Tel Baan and Mandha are few popular names given to the haldi paste that is applied to the bride and the groom at their respective places. The spice called turmeric (haldi) is mixed with water, rose water, milk, tel (mustard oil), almond powder, sandalwood powder (chandan), lemon juice and other doob (grass) to turn into a mixture with thick consistency. The rich yellow colour of the paste and properties of haldi makes the skin shine and is considered auspicious for the ritual too.


key ingridients of haldi

haldi ingridients



What’s So Auspicious About It?

The yellow colour is considered auspicious as per Hindu rituals and tradition. It is said that the bright sunny colour is auspicious for the couple who are all set to begin a new chapter in their life. The sacred paste if applied to unmarried friends or sibling brings good luck to them in terms of marriage. Whosever gets this paste done on their face or body will soon find a good life partner. Many people say that haldi keeps buri nazar away or ward off the evil spirit around soon-to-be-married bride and groom. Haldi ceremony prevents the couple from being affected by any evil eye (buri nazar).


haldi ceremony auspisious

haldi ceremony auspisious2



About the Ritual: The Process

The haldi ceremony is held by both the bride and groom’s side, generally a day before the actual wedding. The ritual takes place during the morning where the paste is applied to the bride and groom’s body including face, neck, hands and feet. The near and dear ones wait for their turn to anoint the bride or groomwith haldi paste. Slowly and steadily, the ceremony turns playful where everyone starts applying it to each other. The ceremony is later followed by a ritual bath for the bride and the groom.


ritual process

haldi ceremony ritual process



Traditional songs and dances

The haldi ceremony is incomplete without some traditional and Hindi folk songs. A few tapping numbers from Bollywood are also roped in by youngsters to enliven the ritual and the space. The ceremony is made light-hearted with some naach-gaana. Songs associated with new beginnings are generally played on the occasion. Bollywood numbers like ‘Banno Teri Akhiyaan Surmedani....’, ‘Chalka Chalka Re Aankh....’, are few of the songs that have become a rage for haldi ceremony over the years. There are many other great songs that are popularly played and danced to while bride and groom are smeared in their haldi sessions. The song and dance makes for a crazy ceremony filled with naach-gaana and laughter!


traditional songs and dance on haldi ceremony



Special Effects- The Beauty Regime

Since ancient times, turmeric is considered to be a beauty ingredient that keeps the skin clear and makes it glow. So, it becomes a bride’s and groom’s their own natural beauty secret for that radiance on their special day. The remedial paste with antiseptic properties leaves the bride and groom with blemish-free skin. It also ensures that the bride and groom are protected from cuts, wounds, bruises and other injuries.Haldi is also an effective exfoliating agent that helps the bride and groom get rid of dead skin cells.

special effects of haldi ceremony

special effects2



Science and Significance

There are ample significances of haldiritual being held out at an Indian wedding. Apart from warding off evil eye, good luck and glow; there are other factors that make the haldi ceremony shine through. The ceremony also symbolizes the first physical proximity between the new couple. Haldi is also said to alleviate pre-wedding jitters that the couple experiences. Curcumin present in turmeric is known to be anti-depressant that works like magic to ease the nervousness of the about-to-get-married couple. It also soothes the upset stomach. So, we can see the science to the ceremony is never-ending.

special significance of haldi ceremony 1

significance of haldi




Trend Alert

Any Indian wedding calls for a zest and joyous mood and that again calls for some great outfits for dolling up. Ornamenting yourself and making style statement with the most bright and gorgeous outfits makes the breathtaking haldi ceremony complete and shine brighter. Infact what’s an Iindian wedding ceremony without some swag and style statement? Yellow anarkali, lehenga set, sarees, cape dress are some major inspiration for bride’s haldi outfits. For men we can bang on cowls, manarkalis, dhoti dress and quirky floral print designer gears. Some desiandaaz is a must keep the spirits alive. What say?


trend alert of haldi ceremony

trend alert2

trend alert4



The Right Decor

The decor must be as popping as it gets. Vibrant tassels, cushions, drapes in shades of yellow add to the fun and funk of the ceremony and shows off your cool persona too. The quirky yellow can be balanced out with fuchsia pink or green elements. You may also go for DIY decor by using flowers, hand-made props, vintage cycles, umbrellas, lanterns, kalash and more.  Go for an incredible mood, lightning and set-up to jazz it all up!


decoration of haldi ceremony

haldi ceremony23


Coated with fun, spice, love, emotions and the naach gaana, haldi is basically a run-up to the big-day. This is one of the most significant rituals that indicate about the wedding preparations being commenced. What’s more? Keep reading. Soon, we will have more Indian wedding traditions and rituals explained.