Traditional wedding jewellery that used to just mark the auspicious occasion and ritual are passé. Nowadays, trinkets are quite significant to make a fashion statement and make a big impact on the D-day look as well. One such pretty jewellery is the tinkling kaleeras that Punjabi brides flaunt like a pro. They are fanciful, casual, colourful, cool and what not!

The brides are taking a bold and chic approach towards and are looking for style over tradition. They have turned the wheels when it comes to flaunting the most innovative and fashionable kaleeras. Why not? The chiming baubles bring luck, prosperity and happiness in the bride’s marital life. No wonder, the attention this significant bridal accessory deserves is worth every penny. Let’s have a look at the mix of designs with an unexpected twist. Just grab these fab numbers and shake them over your besty.


Tantalizing Tassel Kaleeras

Tassels and fringes are the latest discovery in Indian fashion and wedding arena. Tassels are everywhere to be seen. Be it decor, garments, bangles, earrings or your kaleeras, tassels just sway away your hearts. So, if you are open to different style and unique ideas for your kaleeras, go for the hanging tassels and turn your big day into a celestial dream. The chunky and fringy kaleeras in tassel work are the easy breezy options for those who want it fuss-free and light. Colourful, swirly, flowing and flirty tassel kaleeras are the style mantra for the brides these days. A respite from the heavier and trendier versions; the lighter ‘tassel remake’ is what the new-age brides are opting for these days. Make the comfortable and breathable kaleeras your favourite choice this wedding season.

tassels kaleera

tassel kaleera



Paper Kaleera

The light-weighted paper kaleeras are every bit of an inspiration to make your wedding and rituals memorable. The simple and suave paper kaleera is a unique trend and helps you make a big statement with almost no effort. These pretty accessories are fuss-free, light and will justify the ‘less is more’ attitude. Perfect for the minimalist brides, the paper jewels will look super-cool and give eco-friendly vibes too. Just grab it and let the magical piece stand out as your quirky yet traditional additional to your bridal day look. People will love it when you walk down the aisle in a fancy yet biodegradable way.

paper kaleera 1



Shagun Kaleeras

The shagun kaleeras are a way above the rest in terms of style factor and spunk. The brides are falling in love with this uber-cool and fresh take on the chunky baubles. The shagun kaleeras are bigger bulkier and just the right accessory for the brides who want it all royal and traditional for her big-day. We have spotted the brides who have adorned their hands with the kalash and coconut themed kaleeras. The traditional versions not only look precious but are going big on bling at weddings. You may get the shagun kaleeras customized as per your taste and preference. Coconut, kalash, om, religious figures and swastik are the best hits for these. Lovely labels to mark the shagun! Isn’t it?

shagun kaleera1

shagun kaleera



The Doli And The Baraat

If you start humming Taare Hai Baarati, Chandni Hai Ye Badal,  Saato Phere Hon from ‘Virasat’.....and the Doli Saja Ke Rakhna from ‘DDLJ’, most probably you have been eyeing these exclusive set of kaleeras for that matter. The most off-beat, unimaginably lavish and vivacious kaleeras are taking the fashion world by storm. The brides with vivacious sense of style can go for the set of kaleeras that has a great composition of the entire baraat, palki, haathi, ghoda and what not in it. The exclusive motifs of baraat and palki attached to ethnic kaleeras are glorifying the craft and are making it all look dreamy and drool-worthy. The custom-made bridal accessory with baraat and palanquin motifs is queenly, majestic and a huge inspiration for fashionable brides. Think baraat, dhol, elephants and horses to go insane about your choice of kaleeras and rejoice in happiness as you walk down the aisle.

doli barat kaleera1

 doli barat kaleera2


doli barat kalera 3

doli barat kaleera 23


Say It Loud With Birds And Animal Kaleeras

Sporting jungle birds, animals, ducks, butterflies or an entire animal safari means on your jewellery is a revival of sorts. Yes, the animal motifs have become fun elements to be moulded into your wedding kaleeras these days. Few new-age brides have geared up for this trend of kaleeras with animal and bird motifs. These kaleeras are cute, striking and apt to be experimented with. With style and traditions changing dramatically over the years, the kaleera with wild motifs will be just perfect to make heads turn. The birds and animal kaleeras are one of the latest in the fashion arena. Fly high with peacocks and parrots or walk down the wild side with elephant or a horse motif. Have fun, freedom and mark your reckless side with trendy and tamed kaleeras as they are catchy and very much noticeable.

bride and animals1

bride and animals23

bride and animals234



Chunky Chandelier Kaleeras

While there are enough shapes to keep you in vogue, the chandeliers surely outshine the rest in every sense. The heavy and chunky charming chandelier kaleeras are a big factor these days to contribute towards your fashion statement. The way chandeliers are dense, decorative and catchy, similar are the kaleeras based on this theme. These heavy and traditional kaleeras can offer an amazing effect to your bridal jewellery and big-day look. Also, these kaleeras stand out prominent with its catchy and heavy art. The large chandelier pattern is quite a rage these days and looks feminine, flirty and royal. Young brides are going crazy about the masterful and spectacular chandelier kaleeras. The big bold kaleeras are pure magic for the brides and will bring them closer to their dreams and fantasies.

chandlier kaleera1

chandlier kaleera 2




Kill it With ‘Minis’

It is said that big things come in small packages. So, is the case with this cute and mini set of kaleera that the bride is sporting with much elan. This tiniest and the simplest take on the traditional kaleeras is not value for money but a cute and a great pick for a minimalistic choice. The simple and chic kaleera will not feel on your wrist and can be used as latkans after the wedding. So, the kaleeras are absolutely a great buy and an effortless take to keep your fashion game high. The only thing you need to watch out is who you want the kaleera to fall on! Wink, wink!

mini kaleera



Popping Pom Pom Kaleeras

The multi-coloured chunky balls are the rage these days and they just look everything look so merry and cheery. So, why not make your kaleeras equally blissful and brilliant with the trendy pom-pom balls. The details of pom-pom which are every bride’s favourite these days can add so much oomph and awesomeness to your wedding jewellery and outfit. Imagine the colour burst of blue, pink, green and purple on your kaleeras. So fab! Isn’t it? The vibrant circular motifs are ruling the every possible accessory and outfit. Just grab the bright kaleeras, lighten up your ensemble and go merry without working too hard on it.

pom pom kaleera1

pom pom 2

pom pom3

pom pom 4



Majestic Upside Down ‘Umbrella’ Kaleeras

The multi-layered and heavy kaleeras have a fresh take this season. The fashion has turned upside down and have invented into a new umbrella kaleeras. These are the cool, new-age hangings for the brides. So popping and eye-grabbing, the fashionistas just love the welcome addition to the world of kaleera. Well, nothing can beat the good old umbrellas when it comes to completing your fashion statement. As kaleeras have gone on a big makeover, the little canopies can well define your D-day look with a refreshing touch. You can have pearl strands, flowers, stones and studs added to the inverted chattars for that glam and royal vibes.

umbrella 1

umbrella 2

umbrella 3



Serene Snow-White Kaleeras

It’s time to chanel your inner diva and the princess with these glossy and scintillating white kaleeras. Yes you heard us right! You just can’t get enough of this bride who flaunted the white kaleeras like a pro. The hint of baby pink added to the contemporary and suave charm of the trinkets. The bride with white kaleera and chooda broke the internet and has inspired many to experiment with the customized kaleeras. The hand jewellery was a complete match to the wedding couture which was white too. The all-white attitude of the bride is quite a statement and is giving the brides-to-be some major fashion goals. Are you game?

white kaleera 1

white klaeera2



‘Shell’ Out Some Trendy  Goals

When it something completely out of the box, it gotta make news. Isn’t it? This is what happened with this bride who sported an unconventional kaleera with shell motifs. The sea shell themed kaleeras are doing the rounds this season and are looking cute and boho. The kaleeras based out of shells is a darling these days and a new accessory trend. Fashionable, nostalgic and sculptural; the girls have been obsssed with the look in shells. Petite cowries, pukka shells, mini conches and tulip shells give a dramatic look and are significant for the new-season kaleeras. The trend is here to stay for its playfulness, elegance and memento-like feel attached to it. These casual kaleeras just rock especially if it is a beach wedding.

sea shell kaleera



Fany Floral Kaleeras

Flowers are definitely not the new fashion motifs but are always fresh, eternal and blooming when it comes to making a ‘hatke’ fashion statement. The flower kaleeras will sway your heart away with its fragrance, burst of colours and interesting patterns. The cluster of flowers as kaleeras are making its presence felt and are adding an interesting twist to the bride’s wedding jewellery. Beautiful blooms spun around your hands will romantic, intricate and experimental at the same time. The jasmine, orchids, roses, tulip and carnations are the new waves and are taking centre stage in the fashion world. Flush of petals in vivacious colours hanging on to your kaleeras calls the shots to grab the eyeballs.

floral kaleera1

floral kaleera2

floral kaleera34

 floral kaleera345


These fine and trendy details double up the bridal wedding kaleeras as the funky accessories. The good luck, charm and the fun ritual s around a wedding becomes better and more fun with the reformed versions and trendy touch-ups. What’s more? Use the funky pieces as the props for your wedding shoot and make it even more magical and memorable.