Ladies and gentlemen! Just hold your breath as these brides give a ‘dhamakedar’ entry before being walked down the aisle. Peeping out of their chunris or ghunghat are passé for the new-age brides. Tables have been turned and they join in for the fun and extravaganza in their own style and swag. They have come out of the shell and have altered the emotional and crying moment into something fun-loving, big and bindaas. And the biggest makeover is for their ‘first look’.

The small and sombre steps have become grand and bold. The bridal entry is ‘hatke’, dynamic and dramatic with plethora of fun, flamboyance and masala. The dream bridal appearance has taken a fresh twist adding lot of spice to the wedding fun and saga. The ‘first look’ of the brides today is no more just a ceremonial formality. Saying this, we present you the coolest brides who took the charge for their larger than life bridal entry at their own wedding.


Booze it up!- Go bizarre!

If attitude, style and confidence are your cuppa tea, here is what you need to go for! Keep the buzz around the booze aside and pretend a tipsy entry with your bridesmaids to look cool and daring. Just put your funky glares on and let the jaws drop with your bizarre booze bridal entry. Don’t forget to ask your bridesmaids to add the desi tadka with their latkas and jhatkas!

            bridal entry with booz



Scooty Swag- Vroom it up!

The entry of the dulhan in a scooter will remain etched in the guests mind forever! Driving your way to the pandal on a two-wheeler is totally quirky and a crush-worthy idea. Get on to a scooty, be a ‘dabbang’ bride and cover up the journey to till the ‘vows’ in a unique style. Well, living up to the moment is the funda with the cool girls! These brides on the scooty are having as much fun as the guests at the wedding. Checkout!

           scooty entry1




Colour Candy- Matchy matchy!

Let the guests see your candid side in the matching colours! Colour-coordinated bridesmaids add lots of drama and focus to the bride’s catwalk and are equally fashionable to capture that attention.  Be a new-age dulhan, have the fashion rule book in hand and go spunky to make an offbeat bridal entry. The girl gang together in matching ensembles will surely be photogenic, memorable and bright to make a grand entry.  Just think out of the box with the colour-coded trend that is making waves this season. Go for the matching one-pieces or the desi outfits to make heads turn!

           colur coordinated1



The Fireworks- Let the sparks fly!

People will recall and won’t get tired of talking about your bright and illuminated bridal entry. Arrive at your venue in a sizzling way with some sparklers and fantastic fireworks. We bet, nothing can be as electrifying and dynamic as the crackers and fireworks when you are all set to say your wedding vows. Well, let the sparks fly and start it all with a bang with this bright and bold idea. The firework entry is bound to inspire all those in attendance and have their eyes popping out in awe. The right illumination will make  for an incredible entry and beautifully light up your wedding day.


            fire works2



Tractor Trail- The trend on track!

If you can hear the tractors rolling on to the wedding, that’s actually the bride strutting in to her wedding venue! Getting onboard to the tractor is something quirky that the brides are aiming for! The brides are forgetting the pressure and emotions and are just employing this rough and tough style to make a unique bridal entry. Rustic and melodramatic, the tractor entry is fun and peppy and a perfect pick to show off that desi kudi swag. Just get on and look flawless with this newest wedding trend.


          tractor entery2



Horse Ride- Dilwali Dulha Le Jaegee

Grooms, it’s time to stay behind as your dulhaniya is here to show the world that it’s her day! Sashaying on the horse is a super crazy and fresh idea and adds a zing to your personal style and swag...voila! Also, this one is the most latest when it comes to breaking the barriers with something innovative and amusing. The horse-ride entry breaks all stereotypes and creates a buzz for the smashing style. So, if you are trying to impress, nothing can get as royal and queenly as mounting on a horse. Get set go to arrive for your venue and make way for some gasp-worthy moments!

         horse ride entry



Auto Ride- To Zoom into the married life

Entertain and make some noise with the amazing and old school autos. A fun and quirky auto ride to your wedding venue will make your the cynosure of all the eyes. Driving your way to the wedding in an auto will look interesting and an ‘out and beyond’ addition to your quirky wedding album. Could you have ever imagined this in your wildest of dreams to do something of this sort for your bridal entry?  Well, now you can have some clues from the light-hearted and bindaas approach to begin the race to the new chapter in your life!

        auto enetry 1



Fanciful Palkis- Doli saja ke rakhna

Here comes the boss! A fancy and decorated dolis is certainly the winner when it comes to making  a royal style statement for your  big fat Indian wedding. The lotus, eagle, rings and raths (chariot) are few of the inventive palanquin these days to make the bride’s dream of a fairytale wedding come true. Adorned in your bridal diva avatar and sitting on a doli held by your brothers, friends or cousins makes you feel like a queen and makes for a mind-boggling Dulhan entry. Hand-pulled rath, hand-held palkis in different shapes and patterns definitely helps you in pulling out an emotional bridal entry. And to add to the moment can be the song being played in the background- "Palki mein ho ke sawar chali re, main to apne saajan ke dwar chali re". Keep tissues handy for this one!

          fancy palki1

          fancy palki3

         bridal entry fancy palki


        fancy palki



Dancing Damsel- Mai Aai Tujhko Lene

Bring in some twist by not walking but dancing your way to the wedding venue! Drop your inhibitions and surprise everybody with your dance skills and quirky manners. Usually it’s the entire family that celebrates the wedding and the dance performances. It’s time for you to break some notions and be a millennium rockstar! While everyone is waiting for the dulhan in ghunghat to walk in, you just floor them with your fabulous jigs and moves. Give wings to your fascination, dance all your way to the bride’s path and make the memories etched onto your guests mind forever! The dramatic dancing bride will add to the beauty of the wedding and the albums as well.

        dancing damsel1

         dancing damsel

         dancing entry2

       dancing damsel 3



Vintage Cars- Sapnon ki rani arrives

Zoom in to your wedding in a well-decked vintage car to add to the pomp and show of your extravaganza. The auto ride entry will look high-spirited, fun-filled and amazingly creative to make the fabulous bridal entry. Go for the jaw-dropping decoration of your handy vintage car and keep your guests glued for your skilful and bindas entry into your wedding world. Your one-of-a-kind entry will become a quirky highlight of your wedding and will take everyone by surprise. Don’t forget the personalized sunglasses and some shor sharaba for your playful mode.

         vintage car bridal entry

         vintage car bridal entry 2

         vintage car bridal entry 4



Floating Fairies- When mermaids go merry

Nothing beats the boat when it comes to making your dream come true with your first look. The bride sailing in will steal millions of glances and the picture, millions of likes on your social media. Soon-to-be brides can ditch the boring walk and can now sail down to the aisle to say ‘I Do’. Floating and coming to your mandap will look ethereal, heavenly and much traditional for your arrival. Embarking on a boat ride will look dreamy as well as romantic. Your groom waiting for you at the sea shore will take the feelings a notch higher. Isn’t it?

         floating entry

         floting entry

         bridal entry32

          bride entry21

          bride entry34

       bride entryu

       bride entry



Furry friends-The pet-friendly way

All you animal lovers out there, it’s time to steal the show making your pets a part of your most special moment. Walk down the wedding venue with your pooches or catties and let them too have a gala time with your bridal entry. Isn’t it an adorable idea to include your darling pets to the most happening time of your life? Let them hold the placards, lovely messages, and convey other emotional feelings you want to share with the world. Your fur-balls can add too much of drama, charm and chutzpah to your bridal entry. Let your pet pose and have some lovely clicks along with you!

       fury friends1 

       fury friemnds



Mr Right By Your Side- Hum Saath Saath Hain

Dream Girl..Kisi Shayar i Gazal..Dream Girl......This is the only romantic and heart-warming number that plays in our hearts whenever we see a much-in-love couple together. So, how about your guests too humming to this extraordinary song? Yes, this can become a reality when you alk hand in hand with your significant other while making a beautiful bridal entry. Epic, fascinating and romantic, your strutting down with your Mr Right will become the talk of the town. Your best man accompanying you to take the vows is the most romantic and dreamy stuff on earth. The best of all, indeed!

       mr right

       entry of bride with groom



Swag se karenge apna swagat.....Yes, you heard it right? But Kahani me twist!  The brides are now all game to have the most grand and quirkiest welcome possible! They leave no stones unturned to get their gait right as they make way towards their wedding venue. Bridal entries have become a fashion trend, with lots of passion, effort and creativity going on. We hope you will love the props, style and ideas mentioned. Leave your comments!