There is no dearth of the bunch of ideas when it comes to clicking your courtship. When you get bored of something, the creativity, adventure and the trendy come in. Something similar happened with our much-loved and longed-for Indian wedding photography. The elaborate, sweaty and complex Kodak moments have evolved into framing the real love, emotions, smiles, blushes, affection, the silliness and the moods. It leaves lot of scope for the bride and groom-to-be for retakes and create memories to be cherished forever.

The digital photography today can literally do wonders for the engaged couples. We present portraits and photos which are a big shout-out to all those photographers, the couples, the team, the approaches and the ideas that help document and feature the real love stories in magical and myriad ways. Picture these!


Book Lovers- As Nerdy As It Can Get

kitaben bahut si padhi hongi tumne...We just can’t stop humming this iconic Baazigar track after seeing these serious and nerdy clicks. The book-lover couple can take their passion a step further and hit two birds with the same shot. You know what we mean! Yeah?

book lovers 1

                                              Source: Cupcake Productions


book lover pre wedshoot2

                                           Source: Khontuelek Photography


book lover pre wedshoot

                                                  Source: Raguram Photography


book lover pre wedshoot4

                                                 Source: Dipak Studios

The Concept

Needless to say, it’s for some loveology to be taught to the soon-to-get-married couple. Plus, it’s an innovative way to get clicked and marvellous in inspiring others to read!


Underwater- Seal It With a Splash

Enough of mushy poses, ‘just married’ props and ‘hand in hand’ captures. It’s time to take the plunge and delve deep into the thrilling and adventure mode. Splash it up with some underwater treatment. Let the cameras cool down under the water as you float and swim to give your desires a little push.


The Concept

The adrenaline rush and it surpasses all limits of creativity and style.

underwater prewedshoot1

                                                   Source: Cinnamon Pictures


underwater prewedshoot

                                                                      Source: Cinnamon Pictures


Art and Architecture- Go Raw and Rustic

A click with raw, rustic and historic architectures and monuments are a must and majorly about the experience. The Mughal art being framed in your wedding album will make it look surreal and infact real. Go for the super clicks reminiscing the royal old days having marble building and red stone buildings as the backdrop.

The Concept

It forms a beautiful combination of the couple and their love, all portrayed with a historic backdrop. Assortment of rocks, stones, dilapidated walls offers one-of-a-kind rustic elements for the pre-wedding shoots.

arch shoot1

                                                   Source: House On The Clouds


architecture shoot2

                                                Source: Cinnamon Pictures


architecturev shoot4

                                               Source: Cinnamon Pictures



                                                                   Source: Gautam Khullar Photography



                                                   Source: Cupcake productions

architecture shoot5

                                         Source: Cupcake productions


                                              Source: Wedding Nama Photography



Movia mania- Bitten by Bollywood bug

These shots are for you if you are living, eating, playing and breathing Bollywood. Get it as filmy as it can be! Have the poses and the set up totally made it up like films and the movie characters. DDLJ and 1942 a love story a few that you can go for. Just crush it over!

The Concept

It is styling, it is romance and it is latest on the radar. Replicating movies like 1942 a love story is no cake walk. Look and feel of a movie, both in terms of setting and how the couple looked (dress and make-up) are staged through these photos.

                                                                                      Source: Plush Affairs


movie mana4

                                                             Source: Shambhavi K Photography

movie mania shoot5

                                                            Source: Shambhavi K Photography
movie maniae

                                            Source: The Wed Cafe


Village ‘Wows’- A rural makeover

Try a funky village theme to add some extra flavour to your pre wedding shoot. A rural set-up with ‘sarson ke kheth’, ‘gaddi’ and the ‘gaon ki gori’ will not only go a long way to make your shoot personalised and fun, but will also leave you and your sweetheart wrapped up in Indian glory and culture.

The Idea Behind

The countryside clicks are just great for experimenting and can be a wonderful weekend getaway with your better half.

Village prewedshoots1

                                                                       Source: Dipak Studios

village shoot2

                                                                                  Source: Dipak Studios

village shoot 3

                                                                        Source: Dipak Studios

village shoots3

                                                                            Source: Dipak Studios



The Sweet Desert: Slay It With Sand

So, the sand was not only about building castles and sinking your toes in. The grainy stuffs and the expansive deserts can well be your props for the top pre-wedding shots worth framing and cherishing. The prince and the princess strolling on the sand dunes will make for delightful and adventurous pictures.

The Concept

No wonder, the beautiful deserts and Mother Nature can be your brilliant artist.

house on the clouds

                                             Source: The House On The clouds

gautam kullahar

                                                                          Source: Gautum Khullar

dessert shoot5

                                                            Source: Vows By Siddhu Soma


                                                               Source: Gautam Khullar


                                                                  Source: Cupcake Productions



Melodrama- Go Silly And Thoughtless

Would you mind doing a bit of nautanki when you are on the journey for the serious game? Do some role reversal, go for some drama and have the spirits high in your life. Show the world that you don’t care when your darling is around. Let the things go topsy-turvy yet hunky-dory between you two.

The Concept

These are photo-bombers that are breaking the internet for pure fun and recklessness. These are doing the rounds to unfold the silly and thoughtless moments between the couple.

wed cafe

                                                              Source: The Wed Cafe

melodrama shoot4                     

                                                                      Source: The Wed Cafe


                                                                         Source The Wed Cafe


                                                             Source: Cinnamon Pictures


                                                                   Source: Vows By Siddhu Soma


                                                         Source: Cupcake Productions



Mini you- Cut It Short

Who likes the plain album with a normal and usual you. Get dwarfed and put yourself as tiny as you can. After all, your partner is there to fight the big world out there. The mini act will get you some great clicks and bring out the big performers in you. The ‘Lilliput’ act are good to go and enjoyable.

The Concept

Naam me kya rakha hai? Though miniatures; the effect and impact of the tiny takes are mammoth. Getting shrunk as compared to an over-sized world looks funny and quirky. Tilt effects adds to the fun and drama. The couples made tiny like Thumbelina proportions looks sweet and cute.


                                                                         Source: Cool Bluez Photography

miniature pre wedshoot2

                                                  Source: Cool Bluez Photography

Miniature shoot3

                                                                  Source: Zero Gravity


                                                                       Source: Paras photography


                                                                               Source: Frozen frames



Levitate- Set Yourselves Free

Come on! Get out of your comfort zone and find the love. Those who are stylish and savvy just can’t resist this style of photography for their pre-wedding shoot. It keeps the excitement level up, floating and high during your courtship.

The Concept

The idea is the weightlessness, probably of the minds to go thoughtless and just go dreamy. The levitation wedding photography does not set any boundaries for you. Infact it drafts a beautiful set-up when it comes to making it look frame and float-worthy.

levitate photography1

                                                   Source: CupcakeProductions

levitation photography

                                                        Source: Cupcake Productions



Shutterbugs At  The Sea- For the Souls to Connect

Clearly, the images reflect that love knows no boundaries. It’s exotic, serene, vast and deeper than the ocean. The lovely and soulful ‘near the sea’ or beach photography takes the feel of romance and that connection a notch higher. Using the sea frame will get memorable, beautiful and serene.

shutterbuhs shoot

                                               Source: Vows By Siddhu Sona

sea side shoot

                                            Source: Vows By Siddhu Sona


sea side shoot12

                                                   Source: Koro Films

sea side shoot54 

                                                      Source: Koro Films

sea side shoot65

                                                                   Source: Studio Kelly Photography

shutterbugs photography1212

                                                            Source: Reels and Frames Photography

shutterbugs photography123

                                                                    Source: Photography



Sky Is The Limit- For The Uncontrolled Behaviour

Have your selves hanging while the artist makes it look super simple to the world. The best phase of your life makes you fly and that is exactly what this photography truly encapsulates. Creative angles and image composition is what matters the most for this unique pre wedding shoot. Just be game!

The Concept

The courtship period is unique for any couple and the happiness takes the couple to seventh happen. And that’s what the cameras here try to highlight.

pre wedding12

                                                              Source: Plush Affairs

sky is the limit

                                                                Source: Vows By Siddhu Sona

sky is limit1

                                                             Source: Vows By Siddhu Sona

sky is the limit34

                                                     Source: Vows By Siddhu Sona


The journey begins- ‘Jab We Met’

Shed your inhibitions and just go mushy mushy in love like there is no tomorrow. After all, it’s time for the world to know about your dream partner. What better way than getting some heavily romantic portraits that speaks about the ‘Match Made In Heaven’?

The Concept

These images are a constant celebration of your rishta and the shubh muhurut when you slowly get into each other’s lives and families. No wonder these clicks are forever and ever and ever.

Jab we met1

                                                      Source: Vows By Siddhu Sona

jab we met2

                                                                  Source: Plush Affairs


jab we met123

                                                                      Source:  Cinnamon Pictures

jab we met345

                                                      Source:  Gautam Khullar

jb we met123

                                                                            Source: Vows By Siddhu Sona


Partners For The Portraits- The Pets And Animals

Aren’t these a ‘paw’fect way to get your wedding album personalized? Your favourite furry friends adorable canines, beloved cats, birds and wild elephants can help create a natural chemistry between you two. Getting the humble animals pose can be a cakewalk though. What do you think?

The Concept

Clicking the animals can be complicated but cute to make your album artistic, warm and filled with love. Your pets can add to your adorable and vibrant personalities. And getting featured with the animals and pets are a rage these days.

pets shot1

                                                                  Source: Vows By Siddhu Soma


                                                                                 Source: Koro Films

pets shoot45

                                                     Source: Vows By Siddhu Soma

pets pre wed 

                                                             Source: Vows By Siddhu Soma


Flowing Silhouettes

The blood-red, snow-white or the gerua silhouettes flowing up in the air looks utterly romantic and crazy. It gives a heavenly and a kind of sentimental feel before the journey begins. The flowing drapes, aanchal and dupattas also project some Marilyn Monroe vibes. The setting sun, hues of different colours and the flares can instantly get your ranjhaa sing...”Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua”.

The Concept

The nine yard drapes sweeping behind looks iconic and dreamy. So, every time you will look into your wedding album, the ripple effect will make you both blush.


                                                                            Source: Koro Films

flowing 2

                                                                      Source: The Wed Cafe


                                                                         Source: Koro Films

cool bluez photography

                                                                   Source: CoolBluez Photography


When the Light Lines Up- Flash it up

Getting that perfect lit up portraits is challenging. But you can have your love and your pre-wedding photographs shine with the right amount of light, direction and intensity. Candlelights, diyas, LEDs, bonfires can be some props to be lit up.

The Concept

Lights camera and action are the buzz words and the diet to feed your cameras for an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot. So, it’s all about the lights being lined up when it comes to a high-quality and impressive portrairs. Wait not and just flash your flamboyance like never before.

Flash it up

                                                                     Source: Koro Films

flash it up45

                                                                     Source: Stories By Joseph Radhik


                                                                      Source: Cupcake Productions