India is a platter filled with different customs and traditions as its tasty cuisines and its people to be the different spices. Madhya Pradesh is one such state with the variety of cultures and its people. MP is popular for its magnificent ancient Indian architecture; it has a pristine value to its soul. Entitled as ‘The Heart of India,’ Madhya Pradesh is not just known for its vivid culture and beautiful places of interest, it is also known for its hearty weddings and the astounded locations for such weddings that can leave an indelible imprint on anyone’s mind. Weddings in Madhya Pradesh are a visual spectacle that you can’t avoid, with its scintillating traditions and rituals for all to see.

One can see a perfect blend of the exotic and magnificent locations that can add the most beautiful backdrop for all the wed to be’s wedding memories. Destination Wedding has become the most sought after wedding searches these days and Madhya Pradesh has all what it takes to make your wedding an unforgettable event. To experience the uniqueness of this incredible state its cities like Khajuraho, Orchha, Kanha, Mandu, Maheshwar, Panna, and Pachmari they need to be explored. Every city has a famous culture and its tradition to tell you about.  Below is a list of wonderful sites for a Destination Wedding in Madhya Pradesh.


The land of Chanderi and Maheshwari ensemble, Madhya Pradesh is rich in the attire segment as well. Chanderi Saris are most popular for the bride along with Maheshwari saris for any wedding spree. Both these styles are hand woven and renowned for their beauty and elaborate detailing.

The erotic sculptures of Khajuraho, the pilgrim centre Orchha and Ujjain for the devotees, hills of Pachmari, the wildlife at Bandhavgarh are some of the unique attractions of tourist interest for which visitors throng in to Madhya Pradesh to have a glimpse of these places. And wedding amidst this whole popularity will what be remembered for the lifetime of the couple and their dear ones.


Khajuraho the city of heritage temples engulfed with love and erotism, is a perfect backdrop for the holy union of a man and a woman, who were destined to be together since there birth. Khajuraho destination wedding is currently the top preference while considering the destination for their wedding in M.P by the “weds to be”. Khajuraho epitomizing the excellence and glory in the art of sculpturing, is a perfect wedding destination in India. Other than just the Matangeshwar temple, Temples of Khajuraho are not made available for wedding purpose.


How to Reach

By Train: Being a tourist junction Khajuraho has easy train accessibility from mostly all major cities.

By Road: Proper road connectivity can be find by road to Khajuraho from Satna and Jhansi and other cities.

By Flight: One can find all the big names in the airways like Jet airways, Air India and Kingfisher which are efficiently connecting the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi and Agra to Khajuraho.

Featured Venues in Khajuraho

The Lalit Temple View, The SYNA Heritage, The Clarks, The Radisson Jass, Mint Bundela, The Ramada.

Cost of Destination Wedding in Khajuraho

It depends upon a person desires and pocket allowance how much he can spend, starting from 15 lakh for 150-180 guest for two days inclusive of stay, meals and basic decors the expenses can be incurred.



Maheshwar a place for pilgrims as well as the tourists is a city earlier known by the ‘Mahishmati’, situated on the bank of river Narmada. If one is considering a temple wedding then this Temple town should be in the list of priority for hosting it. World-renowned handloom Maheshwari saris since the 5th century has been produced at Maheshwar. Wedding in a city like Maheshwar is beyond the realm of reasons and appealing enough to bring people and have their D Day by holy mighty himself witnessing their blissful beginning of their wedded life.


How to Reach

By Flight

The nearest airport from Maheshwar is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IDR), which is 65 kms from Indore.

By Road

One can reach here from any part of the country, Availability of State-run buses is there from Barwaha, Indore and Khandwa.

By Train

To reach Maheshwar one can be dropped at Indore and can take a local taxi from there to Maheshwar, which is 39 km away from the town.

Featured Venues in Maheshwar

Ahilya Fort, Ahilyeshwar Temple, Maheshwar Fort, Narmada Resort.

Cost of Destination Wedding in Maheshwar

Well Maheshwar being a small town but a tourist hub has little options when it comes to wedding venues but the best we have can bear down to you with the starting range of 12 lakh for around 80-100 guests for two days inclusive of stay, meals and basic decors.



One of the unexplored wedding destination which is attracting the attention of all the weds to be is Orchha. Everybody thinks of the palaces of Rajasthan, but Orchha is lesser known and as regal as it gets, situated on the Betwa River, this historical city has an original grandeur in its soul. Blessed with the historical setting of the grand Orchha Fort and several Mahals like Raj Mahal, Jahangir Mahal and Rai Parveen Mahal it is counted amongst the list of the best places for a traditional temple wedding.


How to reach Orchha

By Train Nearest train station is Barwa Sagar or Jhansi, as Orchha doesn’t have a railway station

By Flight Gwalior also has an airport to get down and take a cab to reach out to Orchha.

By Road Orchha does not have a bus stand. Nearest option is Jhansi, which is 14 km away from the town

Featured Venues

Orchha Palace, Raj Mahal, Amar Mahal and Riverside Bundelkhand Orchha

Cost of Destination Wedding in Orchha

For 1 night 2-day function in Orchha the package starts from 10 lacks for a minimum of 100 guests inclusive of stay, meal and basic decor.



A magical destination usually preferred to be visited during Monsoon. One falls in love with its scenic beauty, as its architecture is something to talk about. The city of Mandu is adorned with spellbinding Afghan architecture. This place is the testament to the love between king Baaz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati hence could be a best option to start a new beginning of life called Marriage. Floating over it's own reflection, the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu looks like a ship that’s about to sail. Mandu is a fine example of rich heritage as it is dotted with monuments, tombs like Hindola Asrafi, Baaz Bahadur, Hoshang Shahs Tomb and lush green gardens.

Best time to Plan Your Wedding at Mandu will be between Octobers to April.

How to Reach

By Flight The nearest airport is at Indore, which is 98 kms from Mandu

By Train Tourists can get down at the Indore station and avail bus/ taxi to reach Mandu which is 100 km from town.

By Road Road connectivity to main cities like Indore, Dhar, Maheshwar and other towns is there and have frequent buses to Mandu.

Featured Venues Mandu

Jahaz Mahal Hotel, Hotel Roopmati and Mandu Sarai

Cost of Destination Wedding in Mandu

Being an unexplored destination for wedding it has budget friendly benefit for you a 1 night 2 day wedding package could be around 7-8 lacks for a minimum of 100 guests inclusive of stay, meal and basic decor.



The Kanha national park can be an inspiration for your adventurous wedding idea. The Kanha national park is home to thousands of flora and fauna popular for the royal Bengal Tiger, Kanha can be listed on one of the top most desired forest wedding location not only in M.P but in India as well. The forest shut downs between July to October mid so planning wedding between such time won’t be the best option for a couple.

The best time to visit the national park is from February to June


How to reach

By Flight Jabalpur and Raipur are the only closed by towns at distances of 175 km and 220 km respectively, which have airports.

By Train One can catch trains through nearby stations, Gondia and Jabalpur 145kms and 165kms respectively from Kanha.

By Road Being a tourist spot Kanha is well connected to other cities via NH7.

Featured Venues in Kanha

Banjaar Tola of Taj, The Tuli Tiger Resort

 Cost of Destination Wedding in Kanha

A 1 night 2-day function package starts from 10 Lacks inclusive of stay, meal and basic decor here, but can only accommodate around 50-60 guests.



The spiritual city of M.P, Ujjain is situated in the Malwa region has a significant and a historical value attached to it. It has one of the 12 Jyotirlings, which are supposed to be the most sacred abodes of Shiva. Being a Hindu pilgrimage destination, it has become a spiritual destination wedding option for people to start their new journey.

How to reach

By Flight: The nearest airport from Ujjain at a distance of 65 km is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar.

By Road: Several Volvos, AC and non-A/C buses are available to travel to the city from Indore, Baroda, Rajkot, Mumbai, etc. for this route. 

By Train: All major cities of the country, like Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, etc. are well connected to the railway station of Ujjain city, Avantikapuri.

Featured Venues in Ujjain

Kanha Rudraksh Club & Resort, Athava Hotel, Imperial Grand.

Cost of Destination Wedding in Ujjain

For 1 night 2-day function in Ujjain the package starts from 8 lacks for a minimum of 100 guests inclusive of stay, meal and basic decor.