Everything has come to a standstill and so is the wedding industry. Corona (Covid-19) has hit the nation really hard and it has affected thousands of families and couples too who were busy planning their ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment, honeymoon, rituals and other events associated with the wedding.

Right from their courtship, to mushy-mushy moments and the preparations are either not as picture-perfect as they have imagined it to be, gone for a toss or a standstill in such a panic-stricken moment. Saying ‘I Do’ means a long wait for obvious reasons seeing the current scenario. Let’s have a sneak-peak into various situations that corona outbreak has build up for soon-to-be brides and grooms. The dulhas and the dulhans are weighing their options and working accordingly.



Yeah! It seems to be the only intelligent option left even after those bulky and hefty bookings done, all because of the sincere concern for the health of family, friends and people across the nation. Florists, photographers, caterers, hotels, sweets and more; all kinds of bookings are being put on hold. Many of the vendors could be supportive in refunding; a few could be adamant and a few would believe in just ‘wait and watch’ policy. However, you have to face those and stay. After all, who would like to see the empty seats on their most important day?


It’s okay to be upset

The brides understand that they are coping with something unfortunate and are keeping their bridal tantrums and the ‘bridezilla’ avatar aside.  We really feel sorry for our sensible couples who consider the worse things that are going on and can well imagine the havoc that could take place in case the marriage happens. It’s time for the ‘bravo’ brides and grooms to pack up their emotions and understand that their wedding in the age of pandemic is not that crucial considering the other grand scheme of things going on. They are swearing by their commitment, love and attachment and showing lots of guts and courage to face the lockdown.



Seeing the headlines, bulletins and news; the only piece of advice to those who are in a dilemma is to postpone and not cancel the bookings by themselves.  As soon as the lockdown or the crisis gets over, each and every party or the vendor would try to help and sort the issues to the best of their abilities. It’s an unusual time for all of us and everybody is helpless. Not having clues about the trade status in coming days, commitment or surety would be the last thing that would come from anybody. So, the only recommendation is to have patience till the environment becomes corona virus-free.


Destination weddings

Weddings that have been scheduled and listed to be on some other destinations or land are more likely to suffer. Industries and verticals including hotel, flights and car renting are equally facing the brunt. As corona impact is not leaving any room for surety and assurance, there are couples and families who are changing their minds and shifting their dates so that they don’t put their guests at risk. Coordinating with planners and envisioning the ceremonies are something that makes memories for each and every bride and groom. But unfortunately, they have to take a heart-breaking decision and cancel their dates or the destination venue itself.


Shubh Muhurat

Those who firmly believe in muhurat and the dates are left with no choice but to hold a super-private ceremony attended by immediate family members only so as not to expose other relatives and closed ones to the deadly virus. True, it’s a tough decision but quite expected as an effort to have better control over the spread.

If you are one of those couples, who are helpless scrambling and pondering over various unanswered questions, you may drop your concern at  info@shaadiyari.com

In a nutshell, we feel sorry for those who are affected and its okay to be upset and emotional during the crisis. Sadness, disappointment and confusion would soon be overcome. What we need at this time is the commitment, determination and promises to fight corona and save lives. The harder we fight, the sooner we win.