If you are a soon-to-be-married couple, there are twin things to get going for you. The journey to becoming Mr. and Mrs. and conjoining it with the Valentine‘s Day celebration. It goes without saying that the gestures, gifts and the entire aura around your life have to be different, unique and oh-special at this stage and relationship.

The scale of emotions, feelings, love and passion becomes double. But taking the pressure to reach your goals shouldn’t spoil your fun and the day. In a bid to do anything high-octane, you should not kill the mood and the once-in-a-lifetime moment.  We have a few romantic and soothing ideas to your rescue. Leave the anxiety and stress behind and just check them out.


Book a Spa

Sure, Valentine Day is worth the hype and hoopla it is centred with, especially for an engaged couple. But the way you can display your love are plenty can be unique and very much edgy. Move over romantic date nights, it’s time to get closer by booking a spa. It allows you to spend quality time with the most significant person of your life plus keep it all cool and flirty.  A relaxing spa session also gives you a chance to focus on intimacy and love and not strictly to the pre-wedding responsibilities with your partner. The bonding time, the luxury, and ofcourse the massage will take you both to the seventh heaven. Hasn’t the fairytale-wedding feelings already started sinking in? Wink! Wink!



A Chilled out date

You have to express your real self to your would-be spouse so no point keeping it all formal. After all, you are with your life partner and not celebrating V-day just for the sake of it. It has to be real and practical for you guys. So, get on with your real self, shed all inhibitions have a blast with ‘what you actually are mode’ on. Just roam around in your city like college-goers or youngsters and freak out at some hip joints like popular cafes, exciting hangout places, bakeries and snazzy restaurants. Nothing works better than visiting local shops or indulging in some roadside golgappas with your new buddy! Actually the point is to not plan out anything and just go with the flow. Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean a marathon or a huge to-do list! Keep it simple and cosy and the two of you can be also at your best with money-saving deals. Eat, laugh, sleep, and repeat! You anyways have so much on your to-do list for the wedding and pre-wedding rituals.



Music and movies

Why make a big deal out of February 14th and put your life and energy into making it larger-than-life when you have killer deals right by your side. Music and movies are just awesome to make you feel closer in no time. Plus, it makes your wallet feel easy which is like an icing on the cake. As a bride and groom-to-be, you are already stressed with all the wedding arrangements, bookings and planning. Great music or a playlist can save you from all that extra effort and taxing preparations. Play the tracks or watch movies that perfectly define your ‘hooking-up’ status. The idea is just great to be in sync with the atmosphere of V-day around and your current relationship status. So, let the cupid strike and feel weak-kneed infront of each other. Grab a bottle of wine and sometime over the Netflix!

 Stocksy/ Jovo Jovanovic


Pre-wedding honeymoon

It’s not a school-time love or a college-like infatuation for you both. It’s a serious relationship where you are looking forward to a life together. So why don’t you make a vacation out of your V-day? Break the rules; ditch the norms and just ‘jet-set go’ to make memories with your spouse-to-be. Plan for a mini weekend trip with a small budget as your big day is anyways round the corner. The weekend getaway can benefit you a lot to connect with your partner and get away with the stress of a large-scale event. Book a night away, chill out and manage your pre-wedding jitters leaving all the concerns and worries behind.  Pre-wedding honeymoon is the answer to magnify your happiness and celebrate the V-day.




A thoughtful Gift- Date your past

Wedding momentum is already there and you must have exchanged tons of gifts. So a V-day gift has to be bigger and associated with lots of thoughts, planning, and emotions. It’s not just for the romance that you would gift her/him something. It should be significant as now you are the couple who are looking forward. Saying this, you can gift each other a photo album that revisits your first date, first dining out or your first hang-out together. If you are getting married to your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can book the same bar or restaurant where you have first met or first popped those three magical words. This would bring back all those flirty feelings alive before you embark on a new journey. Also, the gift would remind you about falling in love and culminating into the life-time union. It would definitely ease out the burden of big future plans.



Cook, eat, love

Aiming it with some good food is as good as a Cupid’s aim. If your sweetheart is a food enthusiast and you are a good cook at the same time, you can shower and display your love like none other.  The gesture will be rewarding and exhilarating for the culinary-obsessed couple to feel comfortable and settled. Prepare a date night meal together and be a hands-on chef to each other. A yummy cake, Italian pasta or some Indian delight; the delicacies can leave you both wanting for more! You will land yourself loads of quality time and private and intimate moments.


We ease the struggle of the bride and groom-to-be by our collection of thoughts and suggestions. Don’t feel crushed by the demand and the V-day atmosphere around you.