Summers are here, so your wedding too, and  you want to look million dollar worth making heads turn your way. But you are a girl who suffers from excessive oiliness and sweating after make-up? Don’t worry here are few tips to keep up your charm and bring you flawless make up look. Just consider these and it will act as a saviour to you this summer.

    1.    The most important step is to stay hydrated. The more you hydrate your skin, the more your skin will look fresh and glowy.

     2.     Before starting your makeup, always massage your face with ice cubes. It will close your open pores and minimize sweating and oil secretion.

    3.     Always use gel based primer. It will provide a smooth finish to your face and won’t let facial oil mix with your foundation.

    4.    Now coming to the foundation, always go for oil free matte look foundations. They won’t bring extra shine to your face.

    5.     Compact powders are necessary but over doing it can make your face look cakey. So always apply one coat of it and that will be enough.

     6.    Avoid doing heavy contouring and bronzing specially in the day time. Go for a natural look. It will help your face from looking uneven. Light contouring will enhance your facial structure.

     7.    You can opt for nude shades of lipsticks, it will enhance your over all makeup and provide you a subtle look. It is better to go for matte lipsticks because they won’t bleed and come off easily.

    8.     You can perfectly go for smoky eye look with nude lips in the day time and vibrant colours in the evening, Red goes the best.

     9.    Use waterproof eyeliner and mascaras, so they won’t tear you down, if you get emotional.

       10.   Lastly and more importantly always use matte products specially for summer. Never forget to fix your makeup with a makeup fixing spray. It will help the makeup to stay all day long. And yeah you are good to go.