Maharashtrain wedding is all about colourful and traditional rituals and ,it is the mixture of family emotions and joyfulness ,excitement and positivity of new beginnings ,Speciality of maharashtrain wedding is Traditional jewellery of bride "Nath & mundawar ,Traditional gold jewellery and peral jewellery ,It is famous for bride &groom dress styling ,"kashta ,paithani saree & for groom kurta and sodha ",Different types of Traditional rituals having there own Importance ,Here is some guidance of "what is maharashtrain wedding rituals is all about ", wedding event is the mixture of Emotions and joyness with all traditional requirements ."wedding planners helps you to crafting your dream events ".

Traditional wedding Rituals are as follows -:

  1. Sakhar puda -  Sakhar puda brings sweets and joyfulness into the families ,this special and first ritual is famous for "Sweet Box ",sweet mean "sakhar in marathi " in this ritual grooms mother gives sweet box to bride and exchange gifts with families ,and beaufully bride and groom  exchanged rings and celebrate with cake cutting ceremony. 

  2. Muhurat wade pooja - Muhurat wade pooja brings good blessing for both families ,in this rituals bride or groom mother invites there relatives (only ladies ) prepare together wades and do some pooja for to start all process and shopping for bride or grooms & there family ,after this pooja all pre preparations will be started for wedding with good and positive hopes .

  3. Kedvan - This ritual is very emotionally connected with bride's family ,this is the family getogether and a sweet farewell by there relatives with five types of sweets and all favourite dishs of bride ,after that they give surprises and gifts .

  4. vahi Bhojan - This is the creative getogether of both the families ,bride and groom ,in this function all the family members meets very first time and they enjoy together and exchanged gifts ,generally this function is followed by lunch or dinner .



"Wedding day rituals "

 1 - Mehandi & sangeet function - This function is all about masti and dhamal very first of wedding ,in this function bride draw mehandi with her groom name and all the family members also enjoy mehandi drawing and function .

Groom's family creatively welcome bride's family

3 - Dev devak poojan - In this ritual both the families do pooja of ganesh ji with all traditional process and this ritual also includes "Aahaer " ritual in this both the families relatives exchanged blessings and gifts with there families .

2 - Barat swagat - In this rituals bride family welcome groom & Groom family with all traditional process ,into the wedding venue .

4 - Shrimanti poojan - In this ritual both the families meet together and exchanged gifts ,also bride mother do traditional pooja of groom and give him all wedsing gifts ,same process also done by groom mother she also give wedding gifts to bride and there parents .

Family friends ,relatives give wedding gift to the couple

5 - Reception - This is all about a big fat gethogether of friends ,family ,with amazing different types of dishs ,this function is followed by Dinner

Day -2 wedding day rituals

Hadad chadhave - This ritual is very much colourful and mixture of emotions ,in this both the families of bride and groom by traditional process apply haldi handmade paste which is completely herbal on bride and groom face ,and all the family members are enjoy playing haldi function together ,usually this is yellow theme based event after this ritual one more ritual is also connected with same called "hadad utrave " in this process bride mother or cousins removes haldi paste by milk ,same process done by groom mother and there family .

Gaurihar poojan - This ritual is famous for good blessing of her married life ,in this poojan bride do pooja of Gauri devi for her positive marriage life and waits for his groom ,this whole process done by traditional pooja procedure .

Murudik Ritual - In this ritual beautiful and creatively bride mother and family welcomes groom and there family members for marrige ( Barat Swagat ) in hindi and in marathi this called as "Murudik ".

Mangalashtak ritual- In this ritual both the families of bride and groom divided with Antarpath ,and both the families pray for good blessing and positively for couples by sung song of magalashtak ,after this songs ends ,antarpath removes and then they exchanged vermala beautifully ,and spread Akshdha ,then marriage process has been started beautifully .

Sulagna ritual - In this ritual both the families come on stage and bless and congratulate to couples ,speciality of this ritual is bride and groom mother welcomed by bride families followed by  "karlecha bell "Traditional welcome process done by family members ,mostly it is famous for head touching ritual of bride and groom and put on heads of bride and groom Akshada and elders ,family members ,all of them come and bless the couple ,just like small traditional reception before "sapat pati " means marriage and sath fhere ,bride and groom mother's are not allowed for to be in magalashtak of couples ,so they first time meet them and give there beautiful blessing to Couple .

Rukhwat is most Important ritual in maharashtrain wedding

Sapatpadi - It is the beautiful creation of  "Sath fheras " for " sathjanam ,Done by bride and groom traditionally by following seven promises for there positive and blessed married life ,This Lagna process is surrounded by emotions of the families .

Rukhwat - It is mixture of items which is decorated for bride and groom on table in which all the beautiful and necessity items kept by bride family ,all of the rukhwat items taken by groom family after marriage ,this is also given to groom family as positive blessing by bride family .

Lagana - this beautiful ritual is done by bride and groom in this groom apply sindoor on brides head and wear mangal sutra to bride ,after this whole marriage process completed traditionally and beautifully they got married .

Kaanpidi - This ritual is full of emotions and laughter ,in this ritual bride brother come to pull ear of groom just to ensure his care for her sister ,later on take blessings from married couple and shagun by groom .

Kanayadaan - This ritual is completely mixture of emotions ,in this bride parents traditionally send  her daughter to his husband 's life and family .

Vidi ki pangat - In this ritual bride family welcomes married couple beautifully with family for lunch .

Jhaal - Jhaal means  giving our responsibility to grooms family done by bride family followed by bidaali in this ritual bride family put number  of diyas together in one wooden based tokri ,and put on head of groom and there family.

Sulmukh - This ritual is beautifully done by groom mother she welcomed married couple and see both the faces together in one mirror and beautifully ready her "Bhahu " with real flower jewellery for laxmi poojan .

Whole process done by grooms mother traditionally .