There is no dearth of tips, ‘things-to-know’ and DIYs floating around you. Youtube channels, ebooks, infographics, videos and a lot more are just a click away as your wedding planning help. But the question is that when you are already busy planning your Big Day, where is the time to take care of all the details, subscriptions and opening all those tabs. So, if planning every microscopic detail of your special moments looks daunting; let us become your Guru and take the stress away. Enjoy and follow.


Brainstorm Your Budget

From tiny stuff to things as big as booking a wedding venue; each and every aspect requires you to go through the money involved. So, talking budget and deciding on what your pocket allows should be the primary factor beforeanyother arrangements. Figure out the things in details and who is paying for what. The bride and groom- both the parties should have a clear understanding of what lies on their side. Both the families have dreamt of a fairytale wedding together so the bride and groom’s side should be on the same page financially. So, set realistic expectations with each other and have a budget in mind for venue, menu, photography etc and save your budget from bloating.



Small Wedding Guest List

Compiling and refining a guest list serves more than just cutting down the expenses. Getting the guest list narrowed has many other benefits too. A small guest list makes it all elegant, easy, customisable and affordable. It’s such an exciting time and auspicious moment and handling a large number of guests can be taxing and stressful. You may cross off those from the list who looks totally off the question. If you have a large family clan; you can’t help but check with elders about excluding the distant or far-off relatives. A small, intimate wedding will look blissful and dreamy.

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Decor Style and Theme

The theme and the decor style could be unique and personal depending upon the season, weather and the city you belong to. A destination wedding on a beach can have silver and blue hues while if it’s a spring wedding, a heavy dose of flower decor would look magical. Accordingly, you can plan for a banquet or an open farmhouse wedding; depending upon summer or winter respectively.

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Selecting the Venue

A venue is a big-ticket aspect and plays the maximum role in getting a wedding the wedding right. Before zeroing in one, have the date, time, capacity, menu and other details written in the contract by the manager. Book your venue at a convenient location and in advance to get it fit into your wedding budget.Sit with your significant other and check about the mood and vibes you both want to go by. Before plotting things or hiring a wedding planner or a wedding decorator, checking the right venue is a very crucial consideration. While scouting your venue, you need to look into the cost, the distance from your homes, location, available booking tickets, capacity and the catering services.

 Wedding Nama

 Wedding Nama




The moment you get engaged or your rokaceremony is done; you have to start painting a picture. Conjure up the entire picture in your mind and just go about it step by step. As the conversation gets flowing between the two parties; transportation of the couple, immediate family members, the baraatis and the to and fro of the guests till reception point becomes one of the most important topics of discussion.Bride and groom’s vehicles, the parking restrictions of the hotel venue, banquet or the farmhouse, signing a contract, address, directions and contact numbers should be in place to avoid the last-minute puzzlement and uncertainty. The bride and groom-to-be and the guests shouldn’t feel harassed. Get a shuttle service designed or get a family member in-charge to look after shuttle arrangements.



Book your Beautician or Stylist

Don’t fall into last-minute ‘discount and deals’ trap. Infact booking your bridal and pre-bridal make-ups in advance with all the trials and tests will give you ample time to reflect on your needs and kind of services you wish to have. This will leave you with a lot of time and enough room to know your skin and feel comfortable. Enquiring with right stylists, artists and salons atleast a month before your D-day will help you check with their dates and charges. Have a one-on-one discussion with your stylist and ask the products they use, the timings they prefer other bookings in their kitty and also enquire about the team who would be attending you. Requestthem to have a photographer to shoot your make-up session if possible. Same goes for our grooms-to-be too!

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Wedding Couture

With little time in hand to get hitched, booking your wedding ensemble needs to be ticked off the list right in the beginning. After all, perfect wedding couture is the most talked-about and influential element of any wedding. The wedding lehenga or the sherwani tops the chart for any bridal and groom’s wedding checklist plan. Try out different couture, take pictures, have your friend and family member’s advice, read the reviews of the boutique or the brand if you are going for a designer label to invest on your dream wedding ensemble. Avoid seeing too many dresses, shops or malls as that would cloud your judging ability and leave you confused. Try out a few first to see what suits you and then you can go step by step with patter, colour, length, fabric etc. Shortlisting with your specifications will help you refine your wedding wardrobe. Grooms! We hope you are all ears to us!

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Book a photographer

Deciding upon a best candid wedding photographer is another major goal to avoid indecision during the process. If you stay in a metro city that sees a lot of wedding, hiring the best truly becomes daunting. So, you have to leave no stones unturned to find the best cameraman to bring the best out of your wedding ceremony. Careful research, latest technology, modern approach, professional skills and popularity are the few factors that need to be considered for your selectiveness. Start your research by following Instagram and other social media accounts of the photographer and read reviews of the weddings and couples they have shot. Another way is to meet them, see their style and their full wedding albums. Examples are enough to go by!

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Hire other vendors

Hand over the reins of your party, DJ, song list, mehndi and bandmuch in advance to the famous vendors. Booking the vendors before time helps you see how things are coming along so that you are successfully prepared. Coordinating with them and checking with them about the arrangements will help you watch their work much in advance. You can have a good insight into their professionalism and how they take your opinion for that matter. The prior bookings also help you double and triple check with them about the improvements, additions or the last minute changes if required.

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Hiring an event or a wedding planner

No wonder planning and the arrangement are all yours. But getting a track of each and every tiny detail of the wedding process is beyond possible. Staying on budget, looking after the guests, planning a decor, stage set-up, booking other vendors can take a toll on your mental health. So, to ensure that your Big-day goes smooth and perfect, you need to hire a professional wedding planner. With their skills, resources, team, contacts and expertise; they just plan a seamless and smooth wedding ceremony for you. Having a professional by your side will help you enjoy the arrangements and planning even more. Shaadiyari has multitude of options for you, all your dreams of a perfect wedding can become true by reaching out to us.



Invitations and Giveaways

It all starts with an invitation and ends with a giveaway. An invitation is like the cover page of your book that gives your guests a hint and insight about how your Big-day is gonna be. So, become an early bird and decide upon your design element and the theme of your invitation card.  Similarly, go for unique and the best party favours to inspire your guests. You may go for sweet or chocolate hampers printed with your logo.  Edible giveaways and vintage gift items are never forgotten and make memories!



Honeymoon package

Make a budget, choose a destination and even buy your tickets to make the most of your first romantic vacation with your spouse. Hiring a travel agent or not is totally your choice. If you feel it is all reasonable, you may go for an agent to make it light further. Leaving the bookings, dinner reservations, insurance etc to your travel planner can save a good deal of time and stress. The travel agent also takes care of other necessary details like transport, connectivity to the hotel etc. Preparation in advance will turn your trip into a super romantic getaway. Give your best to it and you will have the best in return!


Please Note-Hiring a planner is a special mention from our end to make your wedding day preparations rocking. A good wedding planner is an answer to all your troubles, hassles, anxiety, bridezilla, time management and more. So, to keep your sanity, here comes Shaadiyarito your rescue. Hiring a professional wedding planner comes in handy these days and Shaadiyari.comcan offer you everything you need to have a trip of a lifetime.


Following these wedding checklist, the bride and the groom can give themselves and each other plenty of time and space. How much to spend, what venue to select, decor and entertainment- each and every element and minor details should be finalized in advance so that the special day flows smoothly and with loads of fun.