The re-gifting at weddings is no more intelligent and the things lying around in the newlyweds’ home doesn’t hold water anymore. After all, it’s a smarter Gen-y that you are dealing with. Whatever you plane for them has to be motivational, quick, meaningful and not just for the sake of it. Usual lamps, dinner sets, bedsheets, and other home utility products have taken a backseat and have given birth to new style and trends which makes sense and memories. So, what’s making news these days are the experience, fun, and knowledge that you gift them. Yes, these are a different genre altogether. 

Sponsoring the couple a date night, a spa therapy, a movie or a shopping spree sounds cool and quirky. Isn’t it?  Have a look at our recommendations that are not burdensome and will help you spend reasonably at the same time. No wonder these are the latest fad!


Honeymoon Gear- Oh-so-complimenting

Every couple plans a honeymoon before their wedding and a few trendy outfits to suit the place. So, here is your clue to be as creative as possible. Check out with the bride or groom (whoever’s side you are from) about their honeymoon plan and destination and accordingly gift them something that would suit the location, weather and their taste ofcourse.

If it’s a beach, without breaking your bank just gift the lovebirds a beach kit that might include anything like trendy beach gear, eyemask, flip flops, accessories, etc. The gift hamper could also consist of beach towels, sunscreen, cool tees, mix CDs and more. Similarly, if they are off to the hills, you can arrange for a wedding gift to suit the mighty mountains. The wedding gift like this is quite essential and unique to enliven their spirit and mood.

honeymoon gear



Monogrammed items/decorative-The gift forever

You can get a few items like wine glasses, passport holders, phone covers, coaster sets or decorative pieces that are not generic. Get them customized with bride and groom’s surname on it. You may add funky quotes and punch lines to mark the couple’s new journey and to surprise and delight the duo as well.

The personalized messages help you share what’s in your heart and the loving words would be like a toast to the husband and wife’s celebration for the journey they have just begun. Add quotes or texts that would offer a personal touch to your monogram wedding gift option.

monogramed items

monogramed items2



Travel Bags/Luggage set- Cool and adventurous

There are myriad of little things that add to the couple’s expenses while planning their wedding as a whole. Right from being engaged to getting home with the spouse, the moolah takes a toll on financial health. So, keeping the scenario and expenses in mind, you can plan a luxury bag, trolley or a sky bag well in advance.

A luxury travel suitcase or a bag is something that every couple has planned to add to their essentials. Believe us, whether they are the jet-setting couple or keep hitting the road for the getaways; a luggage bag will not only save them money but also bring a smile on their faces. A duffle bag, travel bag, or any other kind of baggage or luggage set will make their honeymoon and other holiday getaways unique and memorable. Do the needful by hinting them in advance.

travel bags



A spa package- As blissful as it gets

As already said, the couple doesn’t want things to be there for no reason on earth. When de-cluttering the home is the agenda in their mind, there is no point in bypassing your old products to their new home. Give them something as rejuvenating as a spa that would benefit them a lot not only for their relaxation but also for financial adjustments. A spa massage will look well-wishing, heart-warming and like a romantic getaway after the craziness and stress of a wedding. The duo will welcome the amazing spa treatment as the most loving gift and will value it for ages. Choose for a range of treatment that suits your budget. Your unique gift will give the couple an independence to plan it as per their schedule and suitable timings. (Considering the validity ofcourse)

spa package



Furniture- Friendly Flare

Yes, sounds cliché, traditional and useless if you straight away gift these to a couple. But if you plan it well in advance with the bride or groom, the gift might come as a boon to the just-married duo. Crosscheck with them about the things they need to build their dream home. Have a list and then match it with your budget. You never know a gift as small as anything for their terrace garden, balcony or living room would suit their needs. A chair they might want to place in their balcony or a side table they are planning for their bedroom; all depends on their taste and your budget. Remember this will work as a good option if you already know their minds.

furniture flare



Toiletries- Trendy Take

Yes, these are deep-rooted when it comes to gifting. But they are quite useful and not a bad option and shows that you care. Infact a toiletry set makes for a great gift for any occasion. The combo never fails because sooner or later, they do come in use and doesn’t go waste. Just see that it suits and matches the taste for today’s generation. Pick a gift set or DIY for the couple’s grooming needs. A gift hamper of toiletries like perfumes, shampoo, bath soap, shower gel, aroma body oil etc accompanied with a greeting card will floor the couple for sure. You may add attractive and appealing cosmetics too.




Shopping Vouchers and e-cards

Cash and shagan ka lifafa are passé. What’s standing out and are out-of-the-box to make a couple glad are online gift cards or shopping e-vouchers. It’s overwhelming and will be contributing towards their COD or online payment amount whenever they shop from an online shopping portal. The best part is that the couple can avail the offer or the amount mentioned in near future as per their taste and requirement. Myntra, flipkart or snapdeal e-card or voucher are a few to suggest and are probably the least time consuming gift idea ever. Believe us, the bride and groom will prefer this over any other physical (material) gifts.

shopping vouvher

shopping voucher 1



Fitness Gifts- So Energetic

If the bride and the groom are fitness enthusiasts or gym freaks, you can gift them a gym kit that might include anything ranging from a workout wear to training kit, tracksuit, bag, handy skipping rope, Reebok or Nike gym. This will be truly wonderful for the sweat together and stay together couple. What’s more? They will not only appreciate your thoughts and inspiration but also remember you whenever they go gym together. The amazing fitness-themed gift will completely be useful and will never laze around like a waste.

fitness items


It’s time to purchase a wedding gift for the bride and groom in a smart manner. Gifting the newlywed experience and inspiration is the way out. The ideas mentioned are the non-traditional, cool and safest ways to go for. The trendy and in-vogue ideas are apt to balance for the amount spend on the gift. These will also help you express your wishes to the married couple without over-spending and over-indulging.