What would modern day Romeo & Juliet look like in reality? How does two states marriage with 2 different castes looks like? Find out with Palak & Viren Real Wedding Story.

Every Wedding holds a different beautiful story behind it. Not all real wedding stories look alike, Palak and Viren's Wedding Story is a classic love story ! The lovebirds were truly meant for each other, connected for over a decade and blessed with togetherness.

Read this interesting long distance love story of Palak & Viren which will make you believe that distance can never come in between true love.


How did it all started?

They were leading their routinelives just like the several young people, most of whom are rushing to and from work and counting down days to each weekend, until one fine day……through thier common friend's party fate decided to smile down upon them and change the course of their lives!

How they met?

They met at the age of 17, at a friend's party, the moment they saw each other they experienced a beautiful vibe for each other may be this is only known as LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, right? They were best friends after their first meet, sharing each and every moment of thier lives together, seeking for advices, always being there for each other for a decade, before they got into a relationship and that is what makes their bond super strong.

The best part about them is-  there is absolutely nothing either of them were unaware of.  They understand each other, they can be absolutely true selves with each other and accept each other the way they both are.



Challenges in Relationship

Palak & Viren did not have any challenges in their relationship despite of having 9 years long distance relationship, as thier relationship was made with pure love, understanding and trust. Even after having a long distance relationship of years they ended up together.

According to Palak and Viren Long-distance dating for both of them was helpful as it made their relationship more strong. Long distance relationship made them realise the true definition of patience and perseverance which are the two most important wheels to run any relationship.

It was a beautiful experience for both of them accepting and knowing each other castes which helped them to know more about each other's family too. Family support acted as a fuel to their relationship, The minute the green signal was given to their parents, the planning began in full swing almost as fast as a 100m running race.



The Grand Wedding Day Story

Interestingly the couple directly from airport went to the temple in Udaipur for their Civil Ceremony.

The couple says- in the start they wanted a simple court/ temple Wedding but then they had a mutual discussion and they realised "you get married once" so they took this once in a lifetime opportunity to Celebrate their Wedding in the most beautiful way with full of Memories. Their goal for the wedding was still simple, to make it a reflection of them, fun and fabulous with their closed ones.

So on 30 October 2020, they decided to celebrate their Big Day at The Leela Palace, Udaipur, with their family, friend's, and Closed ones.



Palak's Make-up was done by Maiden & Missus Makeovers who did a fantastic job that makes the dream of every bride come true- to look beautiful on her wedding day! From the day I booked them I knew that my hair and make- up were in good hands and that gave me one less thing to worry about! Rest assured they worked thier their magic on both days and was punctual, dependable, insightful, cheerful, calm and extremely professional, keeping all Bridezzilla moments at bay! I would recommend all brides-to-be to book Maiden & Missus immediately without thinking twice- Says the bride Palak.




Wedding Attire-

The stunning wedding attire was tailored beautifully by worldoffolklore and anmoll chhabradesigns. A Special mention to the intricate embroidery and the attire design done by designer's that looked absolutely fantastic on the wedding day.



Wedding planners-

Every couple dreams of their wedding to be perfect and ours was just as we imagined, it which was possible by Sandhill Event Planners, all thanks to the hard work and effort put in by the team.  They coordinated the entire wedding ceremony and the wedding reception so wonderfully that we would recommend them hands down for their professionalism and great ideas- says the couple.




The Wedmakers covered the reception held at Udaipur and the photos were captured very well each and every moment was captured beautifully in our Album.


Thank you Palak & Viren for sharing your beautiful and classical love story with us which made us believe the immeasurable power of love, which made us taught that true love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance.